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Motherhood Diaries: Empowering Words

I recently read an article that claimed, "your voice becomes your child's inner voice". As a stay at home mom (SAHM) where my children hear my voice almost all day long, this thought inspired me to rethink how I speak to my girls.

If my words become the words that motivate them, and stick with them throughout their lives, what am I saying?

Am I showing kindness, and respect?  Am I modeling the behavior I so desire them to have?
I fail. 
I have found myself pulling my toddlers onto my lap sometimes more than once a day asking for forgiveness.  I want my girls to know that their mom is not perfect, and their mom is learning new things every day just like they are. 
So, how do I guide their inner voice? 
Empowering Words. 
I've made a conscious effort to share empowering words to my girls daily. For example, each night before my girls fall asleep, I whisper empowering words to them. 
You are Brave You are Strong You are Kind You are Loved  You are Treasured You are Enough You …

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