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21 Day Fix - Round 2

I've reached what should have been the end of round 2 of the 21 day fix, and here are my thoughts.

I got WAY too bored with the workouts, and started mixing it up by week 2.

Meal Plan
 It was really hard to actually measure with the containers this time around.  I think it had to do with my current season of life, in January the baby was on a more consistent eat, sleep, nap schedule. Right now, we are working on a bunch of teeth and other huge milestones (like walking) so her sleep has been really rough the last couple of weeks.

Additionally, my middle daughter is working on some molars.

So, planning the meals just was really rough.

Container Eating
Even though I didn't plan out my colors every day and track them very well, I did  make sure to portion control myself. I always tried to eat more veggies then anything else and watched my dairy intake.

Lessons Learned

Portion Control is key to success! 20-30 minute workouts are effective and go by faster than you think. Round …
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Help your Baby FALL in LOVE with GREENS!

In the fall of 2013 I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during my first pregnancy I became very interested in healthy eating and pregnancy. Just what exactly do the babies get, can they taste?

I'm not sure if they can actually taste like we do outside the womb, but tastes are being developed from inside the womb, and eating a healthy diet while you are pregnant is a gift to you AND your baby.

Once you start introducing solids to baby, I like to start giving greens as soon as possible. My pediatrician chuckled when I told him I wanted to start my first born on Kale as soon as he thought it would be okay.  Around 7-9 months is when I introduced greens to my girls, but be sure to talk it over with your pediatrician when starting any new foods.

I am thankful to report that my girls all LOVE Spinach and will even have Kale in smoothies from time to time without an argument, and it's all thanks to this quick and easy recipe.

Greens Recipe for Baby
Spinach (or Kale)A…

Sweet Potato Lentils

Do you LOVE Lentils? 

Growing up, I'm sure I never finished a bowl of lentils or requested them like my kids do (sorry mom).  To be honest, if it weren't for the recommendation of my pediatrician and mother in law I probably would have never considered making them for myself OR my children! 

With its low in fat, high in protein, iron and fiber properties, this little legume packs a serious health punch for you and your little one. Not only is it super healthy for you, a small bag at the grocery store costs about $1.50, and will last your family for several meals! 

*When did/do I introduce Lentils to my Children? 
Around 7-9 months, I begin introducing Beans and other proteins to my children. I follow the recommendation of my pediatrician and do it very slowly.  So far, all three of my children have been EXCELLENT eaters (as babies...)
*always talk with your personal pediatrician about when and how to best introduce new foods to your little ones*

Sweet Potato Lentils Ingredients:  Lent…

The SECRET to a SWEETER Sweet Potato!

As a mom of three children, three and under I've had to develop systems and find ways to make the healthiest and tastiest recipes for my children. I'm no chef, in fact, I personally believe i'd benefit from being on one of the worst chef type shows you see on T.V. However, I have mastered the art of making healthy, and delicious baby food recipes, and I'll be sharing some of my favorites with you during the month of June!

My tried and tested way of making the BEST and SWEETEST Sweet Potatoes EVER! Before I give you my secret, I wanted to give a little background on how I used to prepare them for my first born.

Before I discovered this amazing hack for cooking sweet potatoes, I would spend hours chopping sweet potatoes and squash to either boil or roast and then blend. Making baby food often felt overwhelming because it took SO long. Then, one day read a little secret, and it completely changed my world!

The longer you roast a sweet potato, the more the natural sugars …

June 2017 Fitness Goals

Summer is upon us here in Sunny Miami, and I have spent more time outside in a bathing suit drenched in sunscreen chasing my toddlers around over the last few weeks than I think I have in all my adult life.

It's such a blessing of being a Stay at Home Mom, I get to have lots of adventures with my children, and get some pretty amazing tan lines doing it. 
So, since Bathing Suit season is upon us, I thought I should establish some Fitness Goals for the Month of June. I've got some big plans for July - December so I need to set a strong fitness foundation as I chase a really big dream over the next few months. 
So, in order to get back on track with my healthy eating goals, I will be starting another round of the 21 day fix on June 1st. 

I had a lot of success with the 21 day fix during January, and am looking forward to seeing some results again. 
After Round one, I lost 10.5 inches and 2.6 lbs.  Read Post here. 

Plan with Me: Erin Condren vs. ...

From as long as I can remember I have looked forward to getting a NEW Planner in June, and filling it up with plans, class schedules, due dates, reminders, check lists and all sorts of nerdy things. I kind of felt alone in my love of planning until I ran across some "Plan with Me" videos on Youtube and found that there are whole online communities dedicated to PLANNING!

These are MY kind of people...

It didn't take me long to find the Erin Condren Life Planner and fall literally in love with the versatility of this planner.  After a solid year of using my Life Planner, I have a big decision to make.

Do I order the new one? 
Do I keep using this one for the remaining months of 2018?
Do I ditch EC all together and try something new?

What's a girl to do?

Things I LOVE about EC Life Planners
Customer ServiceThe Customer Service is amazing, if you have a question or an issue you can contact them on ANY social Media platform or by calling and they will respond. The General Line …

Running Tips from Jeff Galloway - Motivation


There is a point where every runner needs a little motivation to head out the door. Here is a proven strategy to get moving on the tough days.The method has also been helpful in dealing with other challenges.

Mentally Rehearse: The following is a mental exercise that you can do throughout the day to prepare for this situation, as you are sitting around at the end of the day, driving, or commuting home. Don't focus on the workout. Instead, break down the experience into a series of small steps which are easy to do. As you rehearse the sequence of these, over and over, you become more likely to follow the same pattern when you need to do so. Prepare by putting on comfortable shoes and clothes, and having your exercise equipment handy. You're not thinking about exerting yourself - just getting out of work clothes and into clothes that are comfortable but could be used for your workout.

1. Coffee? As you are dressing, brew some coffee, tea, or hav…