Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why I Ditched PIYO.

So, I quit PIYO. 
Even though my overall fitness goal for 2017 is to build my core, and my February goal was to decrease back fat. 

I had to quit. 

After a month of frustration with the inability to get the workouts in, I just came to terms with the fact that I just couldn't fully commit to the program. 


It's all about understanding your season of life. If I want to get my workout done, I have to do it first thing in the morning, first thing in the morning when only 1 of my 3 children are awake. 

So, my current morning routine includes:
  • Get woken up by a toddler around 6:30 a.m.
  • Feed the baby
  • Feed the toddler
  • Put on ocean noise, to help the baby drift back into sleep
  • Workout. 
Since PIYO has a lot of workouts that you are either in plank position, or on the floor and I have a 25 pound toddler who uses me as a jungle gym anytime i'm near the floor, I just couldn't do it. 

I was getting frustrated, and I didn't feel that was the appropriate feeling to have towards exercise. So, I ditched PIYO. 

This isn't the season of life for me to be doing PIYO. 

Why not workout before your kids wake up? 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret about having three kids, three years old and younger.

There are only a few hours that all three children are sleeping at the same time. Therefore, it is crucial that you take advantage and also SLEEP. 

According to my Fit Bit, I am sleeping about 3-5 hours a night, with anywhere from 7-15 "restless" periods. 

Notttttt a whole lot of sleep happening. 

So, I'm sorry Chalene Johnson hopefully we can reconnect and workout again in the future. 

Question of the day: What workout program did you have trouble committing to? 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Motherhood Diary: Starting Solids

I've had a lot on my mind lately,  a lot.  When we were praying diligently for the Lord to grant us the gift of a baby, I knew He heard us and I knew He would give us what was best for our family.

I didn't know the Lord had 3 babies and that He would give them to us over the span of 32 months. That's right, in 32 months my husband and I welcomed our three beautiful girls into the world.

This week our baby girl will turn 5 months. My sweet little Belle is growing up faster than I can believe, and I'm struggling to cope.

There, I said it.

At four months my pediatrician gave the green light to start solids. I must have made a face, because he quickly said "if you want".

If I want? 


Although she is ready, I was not. I was not ready to start the journey of independence with my last baby, yet.

But, it's time.

It's time to pull out the food processor and embrace the baby food stage.

It's time to soak in her sweet yummy infant smell and embrace the new smells that come with starting food.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Let's go to the ZOO! - Zoo Miami, Everglades Exhibit

Raise your hand if you LOVE the Zoo? 

It's a little known fact that my husband and I invested in Zoo passes shortly after we got married in 2008, and would go ALL the time to walk around and look at the animals. I have very fond childhood memories of going to the zoo in Tampa with my family, and my husband has a love for the zoo as well. So, why not become members of the Miami Metro Zoo?

Way back when we were first married we would always watch the construction, and read all the information about the Everglades Exhibit that was being built, and we couldn't wait to come back and explore once it was completed. 

Three kids later, we are once again members of Zoo Miami. You may have noticed a name change in there, well that's because on the zoo's 30th birthday, it got a name change! I remember when it was announced there were mixed feelings about the change, but in my personal opinion it's probably okay if you still want to call it "Metro Zoo" or "Miami Metro Zoo". ;-)

Not only are we the proud members of Zoo Miami, but the Everglades Exhibit is officially open, and BEAUTIFUL! Our family has only been pass holders for a few weeks and already we have spent hours exploring the Everglades section. 

Some of our favorites include:
  • Slide through the otters tank
  • Tunnel under the alligator tank
  • bear exhibit 
  • large new playground

This weekend Zoo Miami is welcoming a new member to the Zoo squad, Ellie the Crocodile. Our family went the the event on Saturday morning and were quite impressed with the quality event Zoo Miami put on. There was a table with real bones of animals found in the everglades for the children to play with, face painting, games, gifts, party hats and of course photo opportunities with the Zoo Squad. 

If you are local to Miami, I highly recommend checking out the event on Sunday, February 12th.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#miamifamous 2017 Recap!

Last January my husband and I ran our hometown race and fell in love with it. We just LOVED everything, the vibe on the course, the pineapple treat before mile 11, the beautiful Miami weather.

2016 was an amazing race!

Read the Recap of 2016 here.

So, the day after we ran the 2016 race, we registered for 2017! We had no idea 2016 had so many big changes for us.
  • 1. Third Baby 
  • 2. New Job
  • 3. Move back to Miami
Um... Yeah... shortly after we registered for the 2017 Miami Famous Half Marathon we found out we were expecting baby number three, and I was going to have to run the race at just a few months postpartum.

Baby girl was born in late September and since I was the new mom of three girls under the age of three, I really took my time to get back into fitness. A decision I do not for one moment regret. I ran a few miles here and there from November until the race, but focused on my core and general fitness during the month of January through the 21 day fix.

When the half marathon weekend came, I was so nervous. I knew I could do it but,... I just wasn't sure how well. My goal was just to finish.  So, how did I do? Well,... I finished.

My finish time was 3:05:43, it wasn't the worst i'd ever done and to be honest, I was quite proud of myself to doing that well under the circumstances. I was undertrained, and miserable in the cold rain, but I stuck to my run / walk intervals and got it done.

I am now a 10 time half marathoner!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

February Fitness Goals!

February is such a beautiful month. Here in Florida, the weather is always so beautiful and it's the perfect time of year to be outside! 

After finishing the 21 day fix and the #miamifamous Half Marathon in January, it was time to set some fitness goals for February 2017. 

Fitness Goals. 

If you want to get started with container eating, or meal prepping in general. Having containers like the ones below are a total game changer!

Monday, January 23, 2017

21 Day Fix: Final Thoughts and Results

On Sunday, January 22nd, I completed the 21 Day Fix!


It was ridiculously hard for me to stay focused, and at the beginning of week 3, I had no interest in pushing play for another workout. However, I did push play each day and complete the program. 

Thoughts on Container Eating: 
I liked having the containers to measure out an appropriate serving size, and really felt that I learned a lot about what my body needs.  Since I shop primarily at a bulk grocery store, I found that I got bored with the options I had in my fridge. I think next time I would shop at a regular store and buy smaller quantities. 

Will I continue container eating? 

I'd like to continue container portioning my meals for the next few months so that I can really understand visually what my plate should look like. 

Thoughts on the workouts.

The workouts were fine until week three, by week three I just was so bored. I also got stronger than my weights so I had to switch the the bands and really struggled to use them - that is probably because i've never used them before and need more practice. 

Will I do another round of the 21 day fix?
Not right away. 

I have the #miamifamous half marathon on Sunday, and after that I am going to start up a round of PIYO. 


  • 10.5 inches lost
  • 2.6 lbs lost

Thoughts on Results.
I was not surprised that I only lost a couple of pounds, we had something like 6 birthday parties and a wedding on our schedule during the month of January and I would be lying if I said I didn't have a treat. 

I was proud that I did the daily workouts, and when I was in my own home I ate fully on the plan. 

If you had so many birthdays and a wedding, why wouldn't you wait and start in February? 
Life is always going to have celebrations so why keep waiting for the "perfect" month? 

Would you recommend this program? 
Yes. I think it's a great program for someone who wants to learn the basics of nutrition and portion sizes. 

**Please note, I am not a Beach Body Coach and if you are interested in the program I will gladly put you into contact with someone who can hook you up! These are just my thoughts after completing the 21 Day Fix Program.**

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Breastfeeding on the 21 Day Fix

Where have I been?

Goodness! I can't believe I've been MIA from the blog for so long. Truth is, I couldn't keep up with housework, potty training, meal planning, 21 day fix workouts and everything all at once. The first thing to go is always my blog.

So,  I apologize if you were interested in getting more up to date thoughts on the 21 day fix via my blog.

One of the questions I've gotten a few times, is in regards to breastfeeding. As a woman who struggled with supply issues for my previous two babies, I was a little nervous to start any type of meal plan or diet. The value of doing the 21 day fix, is that you are not completely restricted on the amount of food you can eat, and if you are breastfeeding it is recommended that you add an additional couple hundred calories. For the most part, I'd add an additional serving of oatmeal or some more veggies on days that I felt hungry.

We are on day 19 of the 21 day fix, and I have not noticed a decrease in my supply. My personal opinion on this, is because I have been faithful in drinking my mother's milk tea and also the 21 day fix encourages whole foods and leafy greens, which naturally increases the quality of your milk.

Here's a glimpse at some of the meals we ate during the 21 day fix.

Question of the day: Have you considered a Beach Body Program?

Disclaimer: I am not a Beach Body Coach, but if you are looking for one I know several that I'd be happy to introduce you too. <3