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Scrubbing Day!

The Final Push.

After camp ends, I will have some family members over to visit. So, today was the final push to get things accomplished.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like doing much of anything. ...

We did scrub the floors, hangs some curtains, set up a bed, watch Gone with the wind, and put away some of the clothes. In my opinion, it was a good day!

May your day be enjoyed how ever you spend it.

Lessons Learned...

Life is a lesson...

Currently, I am learning to "Be Content".

In Hebrews Chapter 13:1-6 I was encouraged to remain in the love of Christ, showing Hospitality and in all things to be content of what the Lord has given me.

The Lord, He has blessed me with so many things. However, I have found myself being the host of a pity party for myself. :-/ In order to remove all guests from the pity party I have decided to shout out the greatness of the Lord in my life.

1) A wonderful loving family. I am so thankful for a family that loves me, and loves the Lord.
2) A loving Husband If you only knew how wonderful my Christopher is...

3) We were able to buy a 3 bedroom condo... A HUGE blessing, as I was going nuts in the efficiency we had rented.

4) A great full time job with benefits. I could go on and on about the blessings.

So, I officially announce that the pity party is over.

I am going to be content with the circumstances and learn to be more openly thankful for the lov…

It's a great day to be alive...

10 reasons today was awesome!

A day off...We finished all but two cuts for the baseboards...Both mine and Christopher's dressers are organized...Clean sheets are on my bed...I didn't have to cook at ALL today...Chris did the dishes...I spent $49.00 at Publix and SAVED $33.00...The rain made a nice cool evening...I went shopping at Target...THE SAWS WILL BE OUT OF MY LIVING ROOM TOMORROW!!!!Seriously, #10. really, really, really makes me happy. They have been in my living room since Memorial Day Weekend. I am completely stoked about tomorrow. lol#7. I have been very excited about the power of coupons. Happy weekends to all who read.

All you need is love...

No, I am not going to break out into an old song by the Beatles.
However, I did run across this quote today and I had this thought as a follow up.

Falling in love is easy; staying in love requires skills...

I must say, in my short 570+ days of marriage I have learned more about myself and more about Christopher then I ever thought possible. I have also learned that maintaining a personal relationship with Christ can be difficult to maintain but sooo with incredible when done!

The skills I have learned to sharpen are the following:
Prayer for my ChristopherPrayer for my familyPrayer for his familyPatienceLaughter - in all circumstances.A desire to draw nigh to ChristA tongue of praise to my loveLove, Love, Love.I have found the one my soul loveth... (Song of Solomon 3:4)May my ramblings be an encouragement to someone today.- Mrs. J

home sweet home...

Home Sweet Home...

Can you believe that we have already been closed on the house for about 2 months?!?! Seriously, I did not expect to still be living in boxes. However, I am. I have learned that things take time and I need to just begin to enjoy the process.

Learning to love the process.

We saved all our monies in order to put in wood floors, we have been working on putting them in since before we went to Camp Horizon (one of the best weeks ever, and i'll have to post about the exciting things that happened at camp when I can post some photos).

Anyway,... We are still working on the flooring.

Translation, the two table saws are still in my living room. Unfortunately, they will remain in my living room until we finish the upstairs baseboards.

I will do a post with all of the fun we have had with the house another time.

Can I state that I am a little nervous about starting graduate classes in January? Honestly,... I don't know why. I just am.

Smiles for miles,

Behold, the power of gift cards!

Saving money is not exactly easy for me.

On December 20th, 2008 at exactly 1:20:08 I was pronounced man and wife to my very best friend Christopher Michael Jimenez! I know if you read this, and have never met me you might think that I'm a little nuts. However, if you know know that i'm crazy! :-)

Now to my point.

Now that we have a new house, we are using all of our gift cards to furnish our house. I am having an absolute blast!

For instance, tonight Christopher and I went to wal-mart. We bought curtains, plates, rugs, and other items to fill our lovely home with. The best part was paying for all the items with gift cards!

Saving all of the gift cards was one of the greatest decisions we made.

That's all for now, we are watching movies. lol.

Graduate School?

You know what?

I finally applied for graduate school. Ater a long time of thought, prayer, and conversation I have finally chosen a degree to pursue. Just a re-cap of my options.
1. Business Administration
2. Public Administration
3. Reading Education

1. I work in the business field, with a degree in a totally different field. A Masters in Business Administration would help me to understand my field of work better, and just broaden my spectrum of education.

2. Public Admin. Totally different than my field (again) a new field new opportunities.

3. Reading Education. Fun, building on my bachelors degree. :)

I decided to go with...

Reading Education.

I know,... I didn't broaden my horizon's (at all, however... I am going to have a lot of fun).

FIU hasn't accepted me into graduate school yet...

You know what,... I think I might be a little boring. However, Christopher might be the only one who will read this anyways.