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A lot...

My life is always full of adventure. Sadly, my adventures don't always allow for posting.

When I was younger I loved to read those "choose your own adventure books". I thought since this was a long over due post, I would group my adventures into chapters.

Chapter 1: The Workforce Adventure.

Monday Aug. 2010

Dear Diary,
Today at work everything seemed to go wrong.

Dear Diary,

If I were to keep a diary, it would probably say something to that effect every day. I am not sure what the Lord is trying to teach me right now, but I do know that I need to hurry up and listen. Because, these trials are getting rough.

Chapter 2: A growing family (Puppies)

Christopher and Erin were happily married for 600 days. Never had there been a couple with more love in thier hearts.

On Saturday morning (day 601) Erin woke up with a slight sadness. "Christopher..." she said. Christopher rolled over, wiping the grogginess and sleep from his eyes, "Yes darling?" C…


Adventure is out there... ;-)

We decided to go to Busch Gardens and pick up Joe-Joe from camp. In order to cut down on costs and other stuff we teamed up with another family. Clarissa (11) came to Busch Gardens with Chris and I on Firday and the Robles family went to camp to go get Amanda and Joe :)

Chris and I wanted to make sure that everyone would have a nice bed to sleep on so we booked a hotel on The hotel is really nice, and was very inexpensive. ;-)

Go us!

I recently thought I would try fake nails. I must admit, it looks really nice...'s super annoying. lol

I hope your weekend is going great.