Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A lot...

My life is always full of adventure. Sadly, my adventures don't always allow for posting.

When I was younger I loved to read those "choose your own adventure books". I thought since this was a long over due post, I would group my adventures into chapters.

Chapter 1: The Workforce Adventure.

Monday Aug. 2010

Dear Diary,
Today at work everything seemed to go wrong.

Dear Diary,

If I were to keep a diary, it would probably say something to that effect every day. I am not sure what the Lord is trying to teach me right now, but I do know that I need to hurry up and listen. Because, these trials are getting rough.

Chapter 2: A growing family (Puppies)

Christopher and Erin were happily married for 600 days. Never had there been a couple with more love in thier hearts.

On Saturday morning (day 601) Erin woke up with a slight sadness. "Christopher..." she said. Christopher rolled over, wiping the grogginess and sleep from his eyes, "Yes darling?" Can we go look at the puppies from the Human Society? she asked.

In a blink of an eye Christopher has created a plan for the day.
1. Pet Smart (just to look at the dogs of course)
2. Home Depot
3. Fabric Store
4. Finish shelving
5. Finish glueing the stairs

Never did Christopher and Erin suspect that on Day 601 they would become parents to Romeo and Juliet. Two Rat Terriers.

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