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Sick - Sick - Sick!

It's a sad, sad day when you go to the BEACH and get sick.

Sunday, July 17th
To Do:
- Go to Church
- Go to the Beach
- Relax

Go to the Beach - swim in the rain
Go to Publix - Wet and cold

Yep - I swam in the rain, went to publix and froze.

Flash Forward!

Tuesday, July 26th

Daily Activities!
Go to the doctor
get a bunch of meds
go to work
drink a ton of water

The moral of my whiney post?

1) Stay warm - don't go to publix when you are already wet AND cold.
2) Go to the doctor early!

Happy Summer!

Oops! - I guess I forgot to blog?

Blogging is such a relaxing thing - and yet, I forget to blog.
It's sad isn't it?

Since my last blog a lot has changed.
The biggest changes have been the changes in my heart though.

1) A Heart for Ministry
Chris and I have been thinking and praying a lot, and we truly felt that we wanted to do more for the Lord. The Lord has really been working on us, in fact! We had the opportunity to collaborate with another young couple with a heart for outreach and developed The Bonanza!

The BTC 2011 Bonanza

Complete with:
- Neighborhood outreach
(Several Saturdays before the event, we passed out fliers and invited members of the community)

- A clear gospel message

- Free Food

- A WHOLE lot of fun

- Relationship building

- Did I mention we had snow cones and cotton candy?

Anyway, you get the point!

It was so encouraging to work with all of the believers in the assembly to put together an outreach.

Praise the Lord!

2) A Heart for Camp.

I used to feel that although I LOVED camp, I often felt that it was a lit…