Monday, September 26, 2011

Thursday is reserved for DATES!


What is YOUR idea of a perfect date?

I was married to my best friend on December 20th, of 2008.
It was truly the happiest adventure I have ever embarked on.
However, since that magical day I have seen the realities of life.
1) Money is hard to come by.
2) Money isn't happiness
3) Fancy dates are over-rated.

As you know, I am currently enrolled in FIU Graduate School and Christopher is enrolled in USF Graduate School.

Both of us are intently working to better educate ourselves. Therefore, the idea of "date night" is sitting in our Library studying while our doggies run around the house making mischief.

Our most recent date included the following:
  1. Tour of the Kendale Lakes Library
  2. Shopping for FIU inspired decorations at wal-mart
  3. Steak & Shake
This is not the first time our dates have been a little ... different than the norm.

However, I have learned in my short time on earth and even shorter time as a wife that it isn't about the place you go, or the amount spent or even the odd locations you may be. The best dates are the ones that you enjoy every second of because you are with your best friend.

So, Christopher Jimenez. I adore you, and even if a library wasn't my first choice for our Thursday night date, I know that Wal-mart wasn't yours either.

Here's to many more Thursday date nights!

All my love -

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