Monday, October 17, 2011


Isn't it interesting when you see someone (or a pet) notice their reflection for the first time? Over the weekend, I took the opportunity to completely CLEAN our bedroom. This included moving ALL of our furniture, sweeping & mopping. While I was moving the furniture, I decided to keep it differently arranged. :) This created an opportunity for my Romeo (poochie) to see himself in the mirror for the first time. 

The Story:
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, after an interesting morning I decided to take a nap. Around 3 p.m. I was awoken to a faint growl. ... As I woke from my slumber I see my dear Romeo growling at his reflection while Juliet continues to sleep at the foot of my bed. 

Okay, where are you going with this?!?!

I got to thinking about our own reflection, how our life is a reflection of SOMETHING. 

 If you were to see your true reflection for the first time, would you growl, would it scare you (like Romeo) or would you remain calm, cool and collected (like Juliet). 

May our lives reflect Christ only.
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