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Im so blessed.

Im blessed to have two puppies that seem to love Chris as much as i do!

It's all in the finish.

Have you ever had a moment when you walked into a room, looked around ...
...and thought...
"What's wrong with everyone else?"  well...  I have!

It was my second year of Community College. I had recently been struggling with the ever popular topic of Knowing God's Will for my LIFE!.

You see, at that time I knew the following things:
1) I LOVED to help people.
2) I loved Chris
3) I wanted a job that I didn't have to work every single day
4) I wanted to be able to support my family if I needed too.
5) I liked making people feel better.

Therefore, I was going to be a NURSE!

(Could you imagine?)
Anyway, my parents were so proud of me. I had finally found something that I thought I would enjoy, I could have a flexible work schedule and of course I would be helping people.

I registered for classes and excitedly waited for the semester to begin.

I will never forget my first day at Anatomy & Physiology.

I get there early, pick the best seat in the house -r…

Does your heart ever break?

Do you ever have a broken heart for another person? Do you feel grateful for what you have and then see another person hurting and wish you could fix it?I do.My heart is currently broken for so many people that I have seen living for the Lord as 10 year olds and then hit the hard times (middle and high school or college) and fail to rely on Christ. Thank you Lord for preserving me.
Thank you for protecting me from the hurt that so many others go through.But most of all. ...
Help me to stay firm in your word and be an example and friend to those on my heart.Maybe this is why I can't seem to stay awake today. ...