Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's all in the finish.

Have you ever had a moment when you walked into a room, looked around ...
...and thought...
"What's wrong with everyone else?" 
well...  I have!

It was my second year of Community College. I had recently been struggling with the ever popular topic of Knowing God's Will for my LIFE!.

You see, at that time I knew the following things:
1) I LOVED to help people.
2) I loved Chris
3) I wanted a job that I didn't have to work every single day
4) I wanted to be able to support my family if I needed too.
5) I liked making people feel better.

Therefore, I was going to be a NURSE!

(Could you imagine?)
Anyway, my parents were so proud of me. I had finally found something that I thought I would enjoy, I could have a flexible work schedule and of course I would be helping people.

I registered for classes and excitedly waited for the semester to begin.

I will never forget my first day at Anatomy & Physiology.

I get there early, pick the best seat in the house -right in the middle ...
I pull out my notebook (purple) and begin to set up my desk for class.

Picture this...
One the desk:

  • Purple note book (did I mention that it matched my shirt?)
  • Post its
  • Yellow high liter
  • Pink high lighter
  • blue pen
  • and... a pencil
In a pencil case on right on top of my book bag:
  • Different color high lighters
  • more pens
  • more pencils (in case I needed to share them...) 
  • and of course... breath mints to keep me focused during class! 
Once everything is situated on my desk, I take a deep breath...
...I look around...
and think to myself...

Do they have all their supplies? 
Are they ready to succeed?

As you may have imagined, I stuck out a little in the class. 

Dr. O was the most educated professor I had ever had in my college experience (until that point). He was challenging, and inspiring. 

So inspiring, that I decided to go talk to him about my grade. 
I broke down into tears and told him that I've never felt more out of place in all my life! 

He then encouraged me to do the best I could, get a passing grade (D) and seek other opportunities. 

So after the encouragement of my professor and my parents I decided to fight for a passing grade (which I got). 

The next semester it was Ceramics Class & Astronomy for me!!

So, what's the point?! 
There are times in our lives when we don't feel that we fit. As we develop into what the Lord wants for us, we go through many different things. However, even though these things are tough and I didn't want to go to a class that I was failing, that I felt I didn't fit... I went! 

Paul encouraged both Timothy and Titus to finish strong and I know that if he were to give me some advice (or you) it would be to finish strong. Whatever you are going through right now that may be causing you to lose you focus, it's important to finish strong. ...

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