Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bathroom Renovations. ...

talkofholythings.blogspot.com <-- Chris and I are currently in the middle of "fixing" our bathroom.

A few months ago, the handle for the shower broke.
This brought on the following ...

"When we fix the shower, we should update the bathroom" ...
In retrospect, logic might not of been used in that statement. However, we are now working on the bathroom.

We decided that we were most likely NOT going to live in the Condo forever. Therefore, why should we spend a bunch of time and money on the bathroom? Let's just make it functional. ....

To Do List
 So, we created a to do list and began to work.
We budgeted about 400.00 for the entire project, but i'm thinking we are going to go under budget . *Happy Dance*

Just for fun, I thought I'd share some of the pictures of the project and THEN when it's ALL DONE  I will show you the finished product.

Goodbye 1994 Sink.

Classic - Hair on top of my head look.

Yes, the thing that started it ALL...

Oops Paint.
Juliet - Always willing to help.

I hope you enjoyed your day off of work as much as I did! I am looking forward to completing the project!
Erin - Making home improvement look exciting since 2008
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