Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I think I better get a better duty. ...

On December 20th, 2008 I pledged my love to Christopher Jimenez and entered into holy matrimony (A.K.A. we got hitched!)

The last 3 years have been quite the roller coaster. We have shared so many wonderful experiences, laughed until we've cried, cried until we've laughed and genuinely enjoyed being US!

Last fall (around October) I was accepted into grad school. As you can imagine, I was SUPER excited! I LOVE LEARNING!

In fact ... "I've got a yearnin' for some learnin" - Goofy 

By Thanksgiving 2011, I had successfully completed 2 classes in my graduate program. I was encouraged with statements from my professor such as "You are one of the best students I've ever taught" - "FIU is privileged to have you in the program" - "Your writing / reasoning skills are superior to your peers"

I must admit, I am completely flattered that my professors think I am bright. To be honest, I have lived my whole life thinking of myself as an average-Joe. Although the compliments are nice to hear, and although they did boost my confidence they meant nothing to me. ...

In the process of being the best grad-student I could be, I began to lose my ability to be the best WIFE I could be.

The biggest lesson I have learned in graduate school is that I don't NEED to be superior to my peers.
I NEED to be Christopher's wife.

After many tears, many conversations with Chris and God I have decided that it is time to withdraw from Graduate School. 

It is more important to me that the Lord and my Chris are pleased with me than a professor.

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