Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Words of Affirmation

A few weeks before Valentines Day, I received a newsletter from one of the random things I have subscribed to over the years.  Most of the time, these newsletters don't catch my attention. However, this one did.

It was a call for husbands and wives to Love Each Other - more than just on Valentines Day. I was intrigued by this challenge because it challenges to you love your spouse by using THEIR love language.

If you're not familiar with the Love Languages, you should check the book out of the library, or buy it on Amazon. It's really interesting (you could probably find the test online).

Anyways, it's not secret that I LOVE (like really Love) getting gifts. It doesn't matter the cost, it only matters that you saw something and thought of ME. It makes me feel valued by the person who gave me a gift. Sometimes knowing that about myself makes me feel a little shallow, but ... the fact is. I REALLY enjoy getting things. I love it so much, that when it comes time to de-clutter my house I have a hard time. I have a difficult time, because I remember when I received most every single gift.

In contrast... Chris' love language is "Words of Affirmation" it makes him feel valued and respected when someone takes the time to listen to him, write him a note of encouragement, or just spend time discussing things.

Isn't it interesting? There is no doubt in my mind that Chris loves me. There is no doubt in my mind that he knows I love HIM.  So, why do a love challenge again?

The love challenge takes my love language (you know, the one that makes me happy) and teaches me to learn to LOVE my husband in a way that HE feels respected.

I highly encourage husbands and wives to INVEST in each other.

Invest your time, it's SO worth it.

I've had so much fun learning to love my husband (even more), I wanted to share with you some tidbits from the challenge.

Chris' Love Language - Words of Affirmation

1) Notes All Over
I was challenged to write notes and put them ALL over. Can I just tell you, I had soooo much fun coming up with cheesy notes. In my opinion, the cheesier it was, the better it was. My favorite note was one about bringin' home the bacon. I wrote a little note thanking him for bringing home the bacon and stuck it in his wallet on his debit card.

*Never underestimate the power of a Post It*

2) The Conversation Starter
I had to bring up a topic that we needed to discuss but made us feel awkward or uncomfortable. I had to create an environment for us to speak openly and honestly.
Wow, that one was hard at first. But... I think it was a good thing for us. We talked about our future goals, dreams, desires both in our personal life, and in our spiritual life (this included ministries).

                          *Just talk, it's fun - Go get coffee together. Dates are FUN!*

3)  The Dream
After the conversation starter, I was then encouraged to write a letter to my husband affirming that I am proud of him. In addition, I had to list specific examples of WHY I appreciate him and am proud of him.

*Babe, you know I'm proud of you for doing so awesome in graduate school*

Go ahead, dare to love your spouse. 

I Dare you!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scratch that!

May 5th looks like a good day to run a 5k and then go on a 3 mile scavenger hunt through Animal Kingdom. .... right?

All in the name of inspiration, and spontaneity, ... Chris and I are training for a 5K on May 5th.

All that's left?
1) Pay the Mortgage, HOA & Car Bill
2) Sign up for the 5K
3) Start planning my outfit (it's my first 5K, I have to look cute you know!)
4) Oh yeah, train.

Also - shout out to my BFF serving in a different country. I know that you've viewed my blog 19 times (thanks to google analytic or whatever it's called)


67 days.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Princess Royal Family 5K

I have recently been inspired to Run a 5K! So, the weekend of January 9-13, 2013 I will be running in the Disney Princess Royal Family 5K!

I'll be posting tidbits and accomplishments from my journey to the 5K.

To give you an idea of my starting point.

I "wogged" 4.5 miles this morning in approximately 70 minutes.
This breaks down to roughly 16 minutes per mile.

Please do not hesitate to factor in - walking with two dogs who like to get tangled, stopping after 1 mile to stretch and a few other little "breaks".

I'm REALLY excited, and I hope you will all share in my excitement!

I need to stop at Publix and weigh myself, so I can also record my journey through weight loss.

Be inspired!!

_ _ _
Special thanks to my husband. Without you, I'd never have the confidence to even aspire to such a crazy idea. I love you more and more each second. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Choose your own adventure.

I know I'm blessed to have a husband as wonderful as mine. I'm constantly reminded of how special our love is when we are on vacation.
We were talking to a family from New York at Epcot yesterday and about half way through the conversation the mom says "wow, you guys are so cute".
It's funny. I just think it's us.
My point and challenge.
Dare to openly and honestly love your husband. Your wife. Your family.
It's fun to build memories together. Everything is a memory. You choose to make it your own.
Life is like a choose your own adventure book. How will your testimony be shown to those around you?
Love is a beautiful thing. I mean, wasn't it love that drove Christ to the cross to die for us?  Share your love and show Christ's love daily.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just another reason. ...

Just another Reason I love, Christopher. ...
And yet, another keeper.

I love this him so much, it's ridiculous!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why would I re-invent the wheel?

Bloggers -

I recently had a long conversation with my husband about social networking.
He is really good at keeping track of all his online sites, me ... not-so-much-anyways...-moving-along. ...

In an effort to encourage our followers on Twitter, we have starting micro-blogging the sermons at BT.

So, if you follow me on Twitter - pay attention and be encouraged.

To that end, please find a recap of last nights awesome message at BT.

(Click the link below)
Blog Credit - Chris Jimenez (TalkofHolyThings)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekends, I Prefer the Weekends!

Lunch Break!

I'm so excited to spend a minute or two of my lunch break reflecting on 2012 so far.

I'm really excited about 2012 for some strange reason. ... I'm not really sure why.
I just know big, exciting, happy and fun things are going to happen.

For example, since the beginning of 2012 Chris and I have been eating healthy.
We have been eating healthy, and I have been able to convince my love that even though fish are "friends" they are ALSO food.

I have learned to cook fish!


I don't really know what the Lord is going to throw at us this year, but I know it's going to be fun. whatever it is!.

Think about this for a minute. ...
When is the last time you and someone you love just LAUGHED!
. ...

To be 100% open and honest, I'm completely dissatisfied that MY plans didn't come true.
1) I don't have a great job teaching a small amount of students, working from 7-3.
2) ...
3) ... 


I do have laughter, and the joy of the Lord.

Recently, I have been reminded that my plans are not His Plans and in HIS PLANS I am blessed.

(Disclaimer - i LOVE my job!)

Maybe things aren't exactly how you pictured them.
find comfort in knowing that "With Christ in the Vessel, you can smile at the storm".

Monday, February 13, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Lifestyle

This weekend was a lot of fun. - Besides the fact that husband is still sick, and now MY nose is starting to trickle...

One of the girls in my Sunday School class invited us to her birthday party, SO - we went!
It was a lot of fun just chillin' and relaxing with great friends, good food, laughter and joy. One of my favorite parts of the party was enjoying all the art in the home of birthday girls family. Husband and I LOVE art.

I have always appreciated family photos, expressions of art and other artsy-type things. However, I think our love of art was enhanced on our honeymoon.

The Story:

Husband and I were SO excited to be on VACATION and we wanted to make the best of it, SO! I pulled out the cruise directory and looked around for fun things to do that day. My eyes always go to the word "free" ... "free art". I checked the location, and the time and found that "free art" was happening right then. So, we quickly raced to the table to grab our free art.

While we were there ... "Free Raffle" (etc...etc..etc...)

We ended up going to EVERY art show on the boat, and purchasing a set of 5 watercolor prints (which we love).

Anyway, at the party we had the opportunity to look at all of of friends art - and really appreciate it with them.

Take time to appreciate art - it really lifts your spirits!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Learning to Learn - from my puppy!

Raise your hand if you are a pet owner?

I am the proud owner of two beautiful Rat Terriers.
I know it's a little cliche, but - I really do learn from them.
For example, fofo and I have been walking a lot lately and as we walk we are constantly disciplining them. "No, ... No ...No...No..." I feel like it's the only word I say for the entire 80 minute walk. You'd think that Romeo would either 1) LEARN! or 2) begin to hate me, disrespect me, etc. ...
but. ...
He doesn't. 

As soon as we get home, he lovingly cuddles on my lap and goes to sleep.

How often does our Lord correct us? What if in this thing called life, we are the ones on a leash walking around a golf course and our Master is tugging the leash saying "No ... No ... No..." What is our reaction to discipline? Are we cuddled in the loving arms of our master at the end of the day, or have we become rebellious?  

I hope that more often than not I am like my sweet Romeo.

Romeo & Juliet 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pasta y Pastalitos

I'm not going to lie, the only meaning behind the title of this post is the fact that every since my decision to cut out most carbs and other forms of "bad stuff" I've dreamed of a cheese pastalito and going to The Big Cheese Miami and having a huge plate of spaghetti.

Regardless, I must say i'm  quite proud of fofo and I. We have been doing really well at making healthy choices. In fact, I have lot close to 10 lbs and Chris has lost 6. It's been a hard struggle but we have been able to say no to desserts, extra "empty calories" and other delicious things that cause your body to plump.

One of my favorite parts of this whole healthy lifestyle change has been our time spent walking. 3 or 4 times a week we have been walking around the golf course. It's about a 4.5 mile walk, and it's so much fun to walk with fofo. We laugh, talk, complain about how hungry we are and genuinely bond through the process.

I highly encourage walking with your love. It's FUN!

Anyway, I ran across this image today and was really inspired.
The quote inspired me in so many ways. 
1) My journey to better health
2) My journey to a more positive attitude towards others
3) My journey to seeking Christ in all things

So, if you are struggling please remember to be kind. Everyone is on a journey of their own. 


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