Monday, February 13, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Lifestyle

This weekend was a lot of fun. - Besides the fact that husband is still sick, and now MY nose is starting to trickle...

One of the girls in my Sunday School class invited us to her birthday party, SO - we went!
It was a lot of fun just chillin' and relaxing with great friends, good food, laughter and joy. One of my favorite parts of the party was enjoying all the art in the home of birthday girls family. Husband and I LOVE art.

I have always appreciated family photos, expressions of art and other artsy-type things. However, I think our love of art was enhanced on our honeymoon.

The Story:

Husband and I were SO excited to be on VACATION and we wanted to make the best of it, SO! I pulled out the cruise directory and looked around for fun things to do that day. My eyes always go to the word "free" ... "free art". I checked the location, and the time and found that "free art" was happening right then. So, we quickly raced to the table to grab our free art.

While we were there ... "Free Raffle" (etc...etc..etc...)

We ended up going to EVERY art show on the boat, and purchasing a set of 5 watercolor prints (which we love).

Anyway, at the party we had the opportunity to look at all of of friends art - and really appreciate it with them.

Take time to appreciate art - it really lifts your spirits!


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