Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney Princess Royal Family 5K

I have recently been inspired to Run a 5K! So, the weekend of January 9-13, 2013 I will be running in the Disney Princess Royal Family 5K!

I'll be posting tidbits and accomplishments from my journey to the 5K.

To give you an idea of my starting point.

I "wogged" 4.5 miles this morning in approximately 70 minutes.
This breaks down to roughly 16 minutes per mile.

Please do not hesitate to factor in - walking with two dogs who like to get tangled, stopping after 1 mile to stretch and a few other little "breaks".

I'm REALLY excited, and I hope you will all share in my excitement!

I need to stop at Publix and weigh myself, so I can also record my journey through weight loss.

Be inspired!!

_ _ _
Special thanks to my husband. Without you, I'd never have the confidence to even aspire to such a crazy idea. I love you more and more each second. 
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