Friday, February 10, 2012

Learning to Learn - from my puppy!

Raise your hand if you are a pet owner?

I am the proud owner of two beautiful Rat Terriers.
I know it's a little cliche, but - I really do learn from them.
For example, fofo and I have been walking a lot lately and as we walk we are constantly disciplining them. "No, ... No ...No...No..." I feel like it's the only word I say for the entire 80 minute walk. You'd think that Romeo would either 1) LEARN! or 2) begin to hate me, disrespect me, etc. ...
but. ...
He doesn't. 

As soon as we get home, he lovingly cuddles on my lap and goes to sleep.

How often does our Lord correct us? What if in this thing called life, we are the ones on a leash walking around a golf course and our Master is tugging the leash saying "No ... No ... No..." What is our reaction to discipline? Are we cuddled in the loving arms of our master at the end of the day, or have we become rebellious?  

I hope that more often than not I am like my sweet Romeo.

Romeo & Juliet 

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