Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekends, I Prefer the Weekends!

Lunch Break!

I'm so excited to spend a minute or two of my lunch break reflecting on 2012 so far.

I'm really excited about 2012 for some strange reason. ... I'm not really sure why.
I just know big, exciting, happy and fun things are going to happen.

For example, since the beginning of 2012 Chris and I have been eating healthy.
We have been eating healthy, and I have been able to convince my love that even though fish are "friends" they are ALSO food.

I have learned to cook fish!


I don't really know what the Lord is going to throw at us this year, but I know it's going to be fun. whatever it is!.

Think about this for a minute. ...
When is the last time you and someone you love just LAUGHED!
. ...

To be 100% open and honest, I'm completely dissatisfied that MY plans didn't come true.
1) I don't have a great job teaching a small amount of students, working from 7-3.
2) ...
3) ... 


I do have laughter, and the joy of the Lord.

Recently, I have been reminded that my plans are not His Plans and in HIS PLANS I am blessed.

(Disclaimer - i LOVE my job!)

Maybe things aren't exactly how you pictured them.
find comfort in knowing that "With Christ in the Vessel, you can smile at the storm".

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