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Despised, Rejected of Man.

Thank you Lord for being my constant reminder of how much I need you in my life.

During dinner last night, my husband and I had one of those long chats that seem to start out of nowhere, but begin half over. You know what I mean? It's like a conversation that has already happened, but yet. ... it hasn't. i don't know, maybe I'm not expressing myself.

One of the topics we discussed was hurtful conversations. Over the last few years, people who I thought were very close to me have felt the need (or felt comfortable enough), I guess, to say some REALLY mean things to me. In fact, I'm pretty sure it comes across so hurtful for the simple reason that often times it comes from another believer.

I understand that I need to give it to the Lord and let it go but ... it hurts.

So this morning, I woke up still thinking about this one stupid remark. WHY DO I EVEN CARE! It's not like the person who said it to me even KNOWS how it affected me. It's not like the person e…

I Believe in Sunday School.

I know i've mentioned this in the past, BUT I am really excited about our current Sunday School Missions project! My class received their first response today and I can hardly WAIT to read it to them on Sunday! :)

Sunday we will read the letter, respond to the letter, update our prayer reminder and of course... Have class!! So much to do, and only 40 minutes to get it all done.

We are almost finished with our study on Colossians. Next, we are going to go back and study James (again). Our class studied James about a year ago, and we really seemed to get a lot out of the study. Normally, I wouldn't go back and do something AGAIN. BUT, the Youth Rally is coming up, and I have been encouraging them to be on the quiz team and study James. ... SO, I think it will be good for us to take the next 3 weeks and review James.

1) It will help them get more out of the study at the Youth Rally

2) It may encourage them to participate in the Quiz

We shall see. :)

I am in no way impl…

Instant Replay

Well, the weekend is officially over.

I thought i'd take some time to re-cap on the exciting things that went on.

1) My parents were in town.

We had a nice time visiting and relaxing. My dad was scheduled to speak at both youth group and the South Florida Missionary Conference.

2) The Missionary Conference

The SFMC was very challenging this year. The biggest take-away for me was the value of relationships. It's not the things we say to people, it's the things we do. We bring people to Christ through the relationships we have with them. We need to be willing to show Christ's love to all people, not just the popular looking people.

3) Training.

I am so sick of training. Yes, we are seeing results in our overall health and well-being. BUT, I'm completely sick of dragging my butt out of bed and walking at 5:00 a.m.  Last night, we had Chris' parents over for Pizza and Basketball (watching). Since, we were going to be eating more fat,carbs and oil I decided to go for …

Super Quick Update!

Hi Online-World,

It's going to be really busy for me during the next few days. I just wanted to give a few updates.

1) I need to blog my review of my new shoes, I think it's a valuable blog. I just haven't had a chance to sit and write it. ...

2) We actually ran the full length of the 5K last night. ... We didn't do THAT bad, ... but I was extremely sick the whole time (do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT! eat Pizza before jogging).

3) My parents will be in town this weekend. I'm really excited about that.

4) I have officially set a weight loss goal - i'll consider posting it another day. :)

Keep going friends, if I can do this ... you can too!


Everything you never wanted to know.

Hi Friends,

I've had a lot of different things to update about. However, I just hadn't had the time to sit down and type it out. I'll break it down into sections, this will help me stay focused.

Last week was really quiet in my place of work. It was quiet because 1) most of the staff was at a program off-site and 2) the other half was in and out most of the week due to Spring Break. It was a little sad at work, only because it was sooo quiet. However, I felt good about how many things I got accomplished.  I checked several items of my grand (never ending) to do list, and set some deadlines and priorities for the next few days.

Love, Life, Relationships
Forgive me. I say this WAY too often. BUT, I wouldn't say it if I didn't really believe it! Walking with my darling husband is the highlight of my day. It's like i've discovered how to spend even more time with my husband. If you have the opportunity to walk with someone you love. DO IT! You will NOT …

Jillian Michaels.

I apologize in advance, you may get grossed out by this post.

The Water Detox. ...

In January, a friend of mine posted about the Jillian Michaels Water Detox. Intrigued by the fact that you could add this mixture of water and other off ingredients together and loose up to 5 pounds of water weight ... I decided to try it!

When I did the detox in January, I partnered it with exercise at a minimum of 3 days a week and a 1200 calorie diet. As a result, I lost 5-7 pounds of water weight in only 7 days. I felt great! Also, it really inspired me to continue on!

 So,... We have increased our work outs, calorie intake (because Myfitnesspal kept yelling at me to eat more, as did my human friends) and now about 7 weeks later, we are going to do the water detox again.

Both Chris and I weighed ourselves this morning and will weigh ourselves again at the end of the 7 days to see the results.

Along with the water detox, I try to eat over 1200 calories but less than 1800 calories. It really depends on…

And then...the time changed.

Well faithful readers, it's official!

Husband and I are registered for our very first 5K! I'm excited, nervous, happy, scared, confused, exhilarated. .... [X] all of the above X 10. To be honest, training for this 5K has been a LOT of fun.  We have had our high points and low points, shared laughter, frustration so many words (both kind and ...not-so-much).

To prove that training for this has not always been a fairytale, I will confess to the following conversation from THIS MORNING!

About 1 mile to go

Erin: Man, I really pushed myself today.

Chris: NO! WE DIDN'T!!

Erin: What are you TALKING ABOUT!, I'm covered in sweat, my feet hurt, i'm exhausted!!

- - - Awkward silence - - -

Chris: Are you mad? 
. . . 

Erin: YES! 

. . . pace picks up ...

Silence continues. . . 


Erin: What's for breakfast. ...

Haha, to be honest. ... I was REALLY mad in the moment. However, as soon as we got home, I got my shoes off (I hate sneakers) I was MUCH happier, and life was good ag…

5 a.m. came... and went. ...

I guess it's time to openly and honestly confess that when the alarm went off ... I did NOT get up.

Due to an important meeting at work this morning, I had already decided that I needed to only do a short walk this morning. However, sadly ... when the alarm went off. ... I just couldn't get out of bed.

From 6:30 - 8:45 this morning, I was feeling pretty down. I didn't work out in the morning,  we didn't eat our healthy breakast ... it just wasn't good.


I guess the Lord knows I need encouragement to help motivate me. So, to everyone who said nice things to me today. I dedicated my workout to you (we jogged/walked 2 miles).

I was honored that 4 different people told me that I've inspired them to either run or bike. To be honest, it was the most flattering thing i've heard in a while.  To all those who feel inspired, you are my motivation. 

Special shout out to my sister in law, Alexis. I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to run the 5K with…