Monday, March 26, 2012

Instant Replay

Well, the weekend is officially over.

I thought i'd take some time to re-cap on the exciting things that went on.

1) My parents were in town.

We had a nice time visiting and relaxing. My dad was scheduled to speak at both youth group and the South Florida Missionary Conference.

2) The Missionary Conference

The SFMC was very challenging this year. The biggest take-away for me was the value of relationships. It's not the things we say to people, it's the things we do. We bring people to Christ through the relationships we have with them. We need to be willing to show Christ's love to all people, not just the popular looking people.

3) Training.

I am so sick of training. Yes, we are seeing results in our overall health and well-being. BUT, I'm completely sick of dragging my butt out of bed and walking at 5:00 a.m.  Last night, we had Chris' parents over for Pizza and Basketball (watching). Since, we were going to be eating more fat,carbs and oil I decided to go for a brisk walk before dinner. It was just a mile, but I rationalized it but saying "it's better then nothing" ... Tonight we will be jogging another 3.1 miles. 

4) Sunday School

My Sunday school class is currently studying Colossians. Along with our study, we are also doing our own Missionary project. Last summer my BFF Hannah came to visit, she has served the Lord in several countries, and is currently serving the Lord in a school now. So, ... we are writing letters to her (via email) and we are going to send her a package with some treats from home at the end of our project. I also promised the girls that we would have a slumber party at my house in May. I'm actually really excited about that. I believe in the power of building relationships to encourage young people in the things of the Lord. I know with me, (personally) if you haven't ever made an effort to be my friend ... ... um. ... well anyway. It will be fun. I'm pretty sure my house will most likely look like a train wrecked through it, there will be stuff everywhere at the end, and i'll need to sleep for like 3 days to recover.... BUT! It will be worth every second! Any positive encouragement I can give to my class, i'll take. I love my crazy middle school girlies, they always bring a smile to my face.

5) Dogs.

Anyone want to have my dogs? - for two weeks in the summer? ...
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