Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I <3 Saving Money (CVS)

I'm not usually one to post about the details of saving money, but! I saved a bunch of money at CVS tonight.

Here are the stats.

Spent: $82.22
Saved: $49.78

Extra bucks received tonight: $6.00

- 3 shampoos
- 3 conditioners
-  2 n 1 shampoo
- 2 toothpastes
- dish soap
- tooth brush
- floss
- mens body wash
- travel size deod (mens)
- womans body wash
- 4 packs of batteries
- 2 laundry soaps
- 2 packs of dryer sheets
- milk (1 gallon)

Used 8 coupons.

I feel so proud.

I think my goal of not getting into student loans for Chris' graduate school is becoming a reality!!

We also got two weeks of groceries (including enough for guests) for under 100 bucks at publix!

Save money my friends, it's fun!!!


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