Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh yeah,... A Risen Savior! :)

Have you ever sat back and observed Easter? Observed how people react to "Easter" ... This year in the days leading up to Easter, I found myself taking a backseat and observing how people plan for the day. To be honest, I find myself people watching more and more these days. Anyway, before Easter I really wanted to get a new dress / new shoes ...plan my outfit, plan my Easter lunch ... you know, the whole thing.

However, as Easter approached. I was reminded that Easter isn't about the new dress, new shoes, having a nice lunch or any of that. At Easter we should be remembering how Christ died, and ROSE AGAIN.
With a change of heart, I approached Easter refreshed and ready to remember what Christ did for ME.

I pray that you found yourself encouraged on Easter.

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