Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Fellowship

Boy, did I  have a crazy-go-nuts weekend.

This weekend was the Florida Youth Rally. Our theme was a "Go Ye Into All the World" and the Speaker (Mike Atwood) challenged the young people to get involved and be a missionary in their own environment. The biggest thing I took away from his message was the need to be committed where you are. I guess you could describe me as somewhat of a dreamer. I'm always planning and dreaming of the future -while living in the second (I like to think of it as multi-tasking). It was nice to be reminded of the importance of being committed in the ministries of your local gathering.

Due to the Youth Rally, I had some family members in my home. (Dad - Sister - Friend from my Church in Tampa). It was great to have both my guest rooms full of people.

Sunday afternoon we had another full house - complete with all my house guests finding a comfy place to take a nap. It's such an encouragement to have people in your home and comfortable enough to kick their shoes off and chill.

What did you do this weekend?


Spaghetti Sauce 

"Kids table"

Adult Table 


What happens when you fall asleep on our chair?


Too bad he woke up. :) 
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