Monday, April 23, 2012

Tips for a Successful Disney Vacation.

Okay, it's no secret. I LOVE everything about Walt Disney (World, Movies, Music). I understand, it's all "magic" "fairytales" and ... well, okay let me just come out and say it. When I watch a Disney movie, or go to a park, or ... see a piece of Disney Art I am whisked away to a fairy land.  ...

I'm so blessed to have married a man who COMPLETELY understands this about me. My darling husband is just as bad (quite possibly worse) than me when it comes to the love of Disney.

So, let me get on with it.

I've decided to share some of my secrets of our exciting vacation.

 Take the "Kids" to Grandma's!
Tip 1: Take the dogs to your parents house.


Disney is no place for Rat Terriers!

Tip 2: Book a hotel online.

We booked our hotel on It was GREAT! I picked the area I wanted (Downtown Disney) set my budget and booked it!

We ended up staying at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista. Truly, it was the most rested I've ever felt in an Orlando Hotel.

Tip 3: Take time to enjoy the hotel (especially if you booked a 4+ star hotel)
Tip 4: Take the time to do your hair, and pick out a cute outfit.

Remember.  You are about to invest a lot of $$ on your day at Walt Disney World. You will want to look cute!

Tip 5: Eat a filling breakfast. I recommend iHOP.

For the following reasons:
1) Inexpensive.
2) Unlimited Coffee Refills.
3) ... It's just where we always go. ...

Coffee. ...
Tip 6: If you are going to the Magic Kingdom, ... GET THERE EARLY!

You wouldn't want to miss Mickey open the gates would you?

(No. you wouldn't)
Mickey's Welcome Show!
Tip 7:  Wave hello to Walt & Mickey.

Also ... If the Pigeon is there. ... Say hello to him too.

Every single family (complete with strollers, large mickey back packs & other bulky items) will be in this spot for about a full hour when the park opens.

My advice. AVOID IT!

Simply wave hello and walk STRAIGHT through the Castle to Fantasy Land (if you have small children).

If you come back to Walt at around lunch time, it will be perfect for your family photo.

All of the people who were waiting in line to take the perfect family photo are now in line to ride the Fantasy Land Rides (Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, It's a Small World, Snow White etc...) You my friends, do NOT have to worry about them anymore because ... you already went on THOSE rides!

If you are a thrill seeker - hang a right and go to Tomorrow Land. You will want to check out Space Mountain.

Tip 8: Get the fast pass and ride the mountains twice.

Okay - Listen up. This is seriously the smartest thing you can do.

First, get a fast pass.
Second ... wait in line for the ride.

After you wait in line it will probably be about the time your fast pass is valid.
SO! Boom!
You get to ride the ride AGAIN!

Tip 9: DoleWhip.
These can ONLY be found in Adventure Land.

Yes, they are about 5.00 each. However, where else can you get Pinapple Icecream & Pineapple juice floats.

(if you're looking for Adventure Land, you'll want to take a right *LEFT* before you get to the castle).

DoleWhip's are seriously delicious.

You can pick one up on your way to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house.

Tip 10: Take time for romance.

Find an excuse to hold your loves hand. <3
Okay, I have a LOT more pictures and tips.

Stay tuned.

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