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Do you think the Heat are playing tonight?

I'm pretty sure that there are no sporting events on tonight. ....  What do you think? 

:) I love my life. 

Yo Ho - Yo Ho - A Runner's life for me ...

First of all, I'd like to thank my parents for allowing me to love Mickey Mouse. I must (sadly) admit that it is Mickey Mouse who has inspired much of my running.

There is nothing like the feeling of sweat dripping down your back as you jog through a theme park. Okay, I know ... I'm the girl who blogged about "looking cute" ... But ... that was before I ran my first Disney 5k! I've grown as a person - it's okay to look bad in a theme park (as long as you are a part of RunDisney). (Just kidding  - it's your vacation, you can dress however you want!)

RunDisney has truly opened a whole new world of fun and re-kindled my love for the mouse.

Okay - I'm not entirely sure why I blogged all the gobbly-gue about who knows what.
My intention for this blog was to share my upcoming goals.

I'd like to personally thank my loving husband for introducing me to the Mi coach application. He has used the app for several months and has been doing really well with hi…

A Beautiful Weekend!

On Friday my husband and I celebrated the second anniversary of being home owners. It's hard to believe that we have officially been in our home longer than the process of buying the home took.  I'm not going to lie. Buying our home was the most frustrating - confusing - aggravating learning experience of my life.

Although everything was rough, I must say that I know the Lord's hand was in everything. When everything seemed to be crumbling around us, I still felt a peace that we were buying the right home.

So ... two years later. We have a beautiful home. My husband is doing well in graduate school and our lives are daily filled with opportunities to learn.

Saturday was fun.

I had my first Pinterest Party!  I invited over my in laws and another friend. We didn't really make any crafts, but we did watch my all time Favorite Movie (Anne of Green Gables) After the movie we headed to the beach. We were celebrating the graduation of a friend from church.

Sunday was another …

Celebrate Life!

I absolutely LOVE birthdays!

Growing up, I would celebrate my birthday for an entire week. In contrast, my husband's family only celebrates the birthday for a few hours. Don't misinterpret this. I'm not implying that they didn't really celebrate birthdays. You see, my in-laws have a unique situation. All of the kids were born in the month of May. Therefore, it is impossible to celebrate birthdays for longer than just one day.

Not willing to give up my week long birthday celebration tradition. I brought it with me when I married my husband!

2009 - We went to Disney's MGM

2010 - Ninja Turtle's Birthday Party

2011 - Ninja Turtle 2 Birthday Party

2012 - Star Wars!!

This year, we opened our home to my husbands friends and had an open house.
We started at 11:00 a.m. and watched all  of the original star wars.

My home was filled with people from 11:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.



Exhausting ... (I mean, ... AWESOME!)

Here are a few photos from the day!

Upcoming Posts!

Upcoming Posts!

1) A Birthday Story!
2) Pinterest 101

Look for great stories, and pictures of the celebration of my husbands 26th Birthday. Celebrating him, his love of Star Wars, and possibly a few sappy remarks about how much I truly appreciate everything about him!

During Pinterest 101 I will provide you with feedback from my first Pinterest Party! I'm super excited to make crafts, watch Anne of Green Gables and you know ... have a girls day!

Stay tuned! I have not forgotten about my faithful readers (a.k.a. Mom!)


A love Story.

Take a few minutes and watch the story of Ian and Larissa. You will not be sorry. It is a reminder to me of how blessed I am, and how when you allow God to write your love story - it's beautiful!

Happy Weekend.

"Your Wife's Hot"

Growing up in Florida, you have a clear understanding that air conditioning is no joke.
The moment the weather patterns shift and the heat begins to strengthen one begins to check and make sure their a/c is running efficiently.

When I was younger we used to drive by an old billboard that read "Your wife is hot - better call the a/c repair man". I would laugh and think it was clever (whatever). I never really thought too much about it. Until ... my a/c started to die.

For DAYS our a/c just would NOT keep the house cool. I began to panic because (thank you google) I knew how much replacing an A/C unit would be.

After about a week of living in a hot house, we finally were able to stop and think. We called a friend (former A/C repair man) who came and checked everything out.

1) The compressor - fine
2) coils -a little dirty - but not the problem
3) The fan - fine
4) The main capacitor - seems fine
5) The supplementary capacitor ... not so fine.

Repair Cost: $5.00

I am so thankfu…

13.1 Miles of Magic.

Now that I have successfully finished my first 5K Challenge, I have the confidence that I can train for and complete a half marathon.

The day before I left for Orlando, I was warned that the feeling of crossing the finish line is addictive. I admit, I didn't believe the person. However, I was addicted the moment the fire works went off and I began my first race as an adult!

I grew up a competitive swimmer (kind of). I had the opportunity to swim in Middle School and for two years in High School. You never forget the nerves that come over you right before you start, and the feeling of accomplishment when you finish.

I've spent the last couple of days thinking about the differences between swimming and running. The following are my comparisons.

Swimming is a very focused sport. It's you, the water and an open lane. Running, although very focused, is much different. The rush of adrenaline is much different when you can actually see the person racing next to you. 
Now that I kn…

RunDisney - A non-runners view

Now that I've completed my first RunDisney event, I'm completely impressed with the RunDisney community. I've been posting on twitter / instagram like CRAZY! Mostly because i'm completely obsessed.

So - here's an official shout out to the RunDisney community.

Thank you for being so welcoming. This former swimmer - gone runner!
Thank you for being so polite to the Disney employees.
Thank you for encouraging me.

I may not officially LOVE running yet ... But, I do LOVE RunDisney!

Expedition Everest Challenge: The Flying J's

Well Friends, we did it!

We trained, we enlisted, we conquered!

If you follow my blog, you know that in January I began a journey to make healthier choices. After a trip to Epcot in February, I decided to train for the Disney Princess - Royal Family 5k. [blog ] Next thing I knew, I was signed up for the Expedition Everest 5k. [blog]

My husband and I spent late nights, early mornings, middle of the afternoon between meetings on Sundays training for the Expedition Everest Challenge. The week prior to the event, I was completely nervous.

However, when the event started. The adrenaline kicked in and BOOM - we were competing!

Event Details.

Run 3.1 miles (5k)Complete the 3 obstacles during the race Run back through Animal Kingdom trying to find answers to 4 clues (this was another 2 miles-ish).  Our obstacles: Hurdle over 4 barrels of hayRun through a row of tiresCrawl under a net (in the dirt. ...) 5K time - 43.44 minutes. 

Here are a couple of shots from before and after the race!

A Brother for Christmas.

Do you believe in real life foreshadowing?

On December 20th, 2008 I started the process of changing my name (a.k.a. I got married!). I married into a wonderful family from South Florida. My husband was raised by his two loving parents and is the big brother to two siblings (boy and a girl).  
On December 20th, both me and my two sisters officially got our first brother.  I got Joe. and my sisters got Chris. 
It was the beginning of December when I was young. I did as all little girls and boys did, I wrote a letter to Santa. I distinctly remember this year because it was the year my little sister was (obviously) adorable and I was no longer the adorable youngest daughter *insert tear*. I did what any logical girl would do. 
I asked Santa. 
Not only did I write Santa a letter. ...
I asked him in person. 
I remember Santa bellowing out in laughter as he shouted to my parents my request. Mortified by his reaction, I decided that Santa was not going to be the one to help me ge…


*I have no idea why all my words are highlighted ... Sorry Preparedness refers to the state of being prepared for specific or unpredictable events or situations. Preparedness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes.  Source. 
I hope that when you signed online this morning, you can ready to laugh. I say this because, what I am about to tell you will probably make you giggle. If you do know me. ... well, ... you've probably learned to just accept the fact that I like to make sure i'm prepared for everything, and sometimes I'm a little nutty. 
Okay - Animal Kingdom 5k is this weekend. I can hardly believe that the time is already here. It seems as though it was only yesterday that my countdown read 64+ days. However, the time has come. I've been spending the last couple of months preparing myself to run in my very first 5k. 
Step 1 - Learn to Run Step 2 - Keep Running Step 3 - Buy Running Shoes  Step 4 - Learn to like running S…

"Dear Abby" ...

Confession -

When I was younger, I wanted to write stories. I wanted to be an author and share all of the crazy things in my imagination with others. As I got older, I moved on from that and wanted to be “Dear Abby” … The fact is, I LOVE telling people what to do and how to do it. It makes me feel loved when people ask me my opinion. To be honest, I probably spend WAY too much time looking things up on google (just because I want to know).

I recently read a book by Randy Pausch titled The Last Lecture. This book is the final lecture of a young man dying of cancer. I started reading the book on my Kindle Fire Christmas morning and couldn’t put it down. It was quite possibly one of the most inspirational books (other than the Bible) I have ever read. In the book, Randy encourages the audience to pursue their dreams with diligence.

I say that this is one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read because it caused me to pause and think. So often we get caught up in the day-to-day ro…