Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Beautiful Weekend!

On Friday my husband and I celebrated the second anniversary of being home owners. It's hard to believe that we have officially been in our home longer than the process of buying the home took.  I'm not going to lie. Buying our home was the most frustrating - confusing - aggravating learning experience of my life.

Although everything was rough, I must say that I know the Lord's hand was in everything. When everything seemed to be crumbling around us, I still felt a peace that we were buying the right home.

So ... two years later. We have a beautiful home. My husband is doing well in graduate school and our lives are daily filled with opportunities to learn.
A few days before closing. 

Saturday was fun.

I had my first Pinterest Party!  I invited over my in laws and another friend. We didn't really make any crafts, but we did watch my all time Favorite Movie (Anne of Green Gables) After the movie we headed to the beach. We were celebrating the graduation of a friend from church.

Sunday was another exciting day. My husband and I had an enjoyable lunch and he spent the afternoon working on homework. We also were able to take a Sunday afternoon nap (while it stormed - a.k.a. perfect napping weather) AND enjoyed dinner with friends.  When we got home (at like 11:00 p.m.) My darling and I decided to watch a movie! (Seriously ... I usually go to bed at 9).

Monday - sleeping in! HOORAY!

We slept in - then spent quite a bit of time going through our closet. We have 2 boxes of items to be taken to goodwill.  Since I've reached the -27 pound make on my weight loss journey, I feel comfortable getting rid of some of my bigger clothes.

In the afternoon, we worked on center pieces for camp - and of course ... watched MORE movies!

This weekend was absolutely incredible!

How was your weekend?

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