Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Brother for Christmas.

Do you believe in real life foreshadowing?

On December 20th, 2008 I started the process of changing my name (a.k.a. I got married!). I married into a wonderful family from South Florida. My husband was raised by his two loving parents and is the big brother to two siblings (boy and a girl).  

On December 20th, both me and my two sisters officially got our first brother. 
I got Joe.
and my sisters got Chris. 


It was the beginning of December when I was young. I did as all little girls and boys did, I wrote a letter to Santa. I distinctly remember this year because it was the year my little sister was (obviously) adorable and I was no longer the adorable youngest daughter *insert tear*. I did what any logical girl would do. 

I asked Santa. 

Not only did I write Santa a letter. ...

I asked him in person. 

I remember Santa bellowing out in laughter as he shouted to my parents my request. Mortified by his reaction, I decided that Santa was not going to be the one to help me get a baby brother.


Joe has always had a special place in my heart. He has always been the annoying brother. The brother that could make me SO FRUSTRATED. The brother who gives my a hug when I need it. The brother who would hang out with me while I waited for Chris to get home from work. Joe gave me a taste of what having a brother was really about. I got to see him go through ALL of the changes and life experiences because ... well, his brother and I become friends when he was only six years old! (SIX!) ... 

It may have been official on our wedding day, when our two families joined forces to become all the more awesome. However, in my heart ... it was official long before that. 

Joe Joe - On your birthday, I reflect on all the times that you made me crazy, and all the times you made me smile and think to myself. I am so blessed. 

Santa didn't deliver a brother, but God sure did a great job when he chose the perfect brother for me. 

Happy Birthday Joe! 

20 December 2008

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