Sunday, May 6, 2012

Expedition Everest Challenge: The Flying J's

Well Friends, we did it!

We trained, we enlisted, we conquered!

If you follow my blog, you know that in January I began a journey to make healthier choices. After a trip to Epcot in February, I decided to train for the Disney Princess - Royal Family 5k. [blog ] Next thing I knew, I was signed up for the Expedition Everest 5k. [blog]

My husband and I spent late nights, early mornings, middle of the afternoon between meetings on Sundays training for the Expedition Everest Challenge. The week prior to the event, I was completely nervous.

However, when the event started. The adrenaline kicked in and BOOM - we were competing!

Event Details.
  1. Run 3.1 miles (5k)
  2. Complete the 3 obstacles during the race 
  3. Run back through the Animal Kingdom trying to find answers to 4 clues (this was another 2 miles-ish)
Our obstacles:
  1. Hurdle over 4 barrels of hay
  2. Run through a row of tires
  3. Crawl under a net (in the dirt. ...)
5K time - 43.44 minutes. 

Our Route 

Our speed.
if you notice the part where we are in the red zone ... It's where we saw Mickey! lol

Here are a couple of shots from before and after the race!
Our custom 5K T-shirts. 

...of course, I had a folder ... 


Picking up our packet. 

Free Buttons.


The crowd.



Getting ready to race!

:) I love that guy!

Yep. .. We are excited.

We are wet from the water ride. 

Expedition Everest.

The Snow Leopard. 

Challenge Complete. 
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