Wednesday, May 2, 2012


*I have no idea why all my words are highlighted ... Sorry
Preparedness refers to the state of being prepared for specific or unpredictable events or situations. Preparedness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes. 

I hope that when you signed online this morning, you can ready to laugh. I say this because, what I am about to tell you will probably make you giggle. If you do know me. ... well, ... you've probably learned to just accept the fact that I like to make sure i'm prepared for everything, and sometimes I'm a little nutty. 

Okay - Animal Kingdom 5k is this weekend. I can hardly believe that the time is already here. It seems as though it was only yesterday that my countdown read 64+ days. However, the time has come. I've been spending the last couple of months preparing myself to run in my very first 5k. 

Step 1 - Learn to Run
Step 2 - Keep Running
Step 3 - Buy Running Shoes 
Step 4 - Learn to like running Shoes

(lol - this is sadly true) 

I have to give my husband a major shout out. When I wanted to quit (like every time I put on my running shoes) he encouraged me to keep at it.  I'm really, really, really nervous and slightly exhilarated by the fact that on Saturday night I will be running in a race.

In order to be completely prepared for the experience, it is important to think of ALL the details. 
1) Out fits. 
Have you ever noticed how Ms. Piggy adores Kermie? ... and how Kermie adores Ms. Piggy ... but he's not all crazy-go-nuts about her in front of everyone? ... Well, you could say that if my husband and I were characters on the Muppets we would probably either be the old guys, or Ms. Piggy and Kermit.

Well. ... My husband absolutely LOVES the Muppets. He completely cracks up every time he watches anything Muppet related. So,... It was only natural that when we were at Downtown Disney a couple of weeks ago that we would custom make T-shirts with Ms. Piggy and Kermie (right?). 
We decided on Long-Sleeved T's for two reasons.
1) It was only 4 dollars more
2) The 5K is at night, and then we will be going into the park for a couple of hours, so we wanted to be warm. 

In addition to being equipped with an outfit for the after party in Animal Kingdom. 
Last night, I painted my nails to match my shoes. :) 


Best top coat EVER! 

Free Water Bottle! 
If you think of me on Friday night, pray for me. ... i'm probably regretting ever signing up for a 5k. :) 


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