Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yo Ho - Yo Ho - A Runner's life for me ...

First of all, I'd like to thank my parents for allowing me to love Mickey Mouse. I must (sadly) admit that it is Mickey Mouse who has inspired much of my running.

There is nothing like the feeling of sweat dripping down your back as you jog through a theme park. Okay, I know ... I'm the girl who blogged about "looking cute" ... But ... that was before I ran my first Disney 5k! I've grown as a person - it's okay to look bad in a theme park (as long as you are a part of RunDisney). (Just kidding  - it's your vacation, you can dress however you want!)

RunDisney has truly opened a whole new world of fun and re-kindled my love for the mouse.

Okay - I'm not entirely sure why I blogged all the gobbly-gue about who knows what.
My intention for this blog was to share my upcoming goals.

I'd like to personally thank my loving husband for introducing me to the Mi coach application. He has used the app for several months and has been doing really well with his work outs.

Mi coach is an application developed by Adidas. It's well worth the (free) download. It's like your own personal trainer (Reggie Bush) in your head phones.

In order to continue to push myself, I've decided to train for a 1/2 Marathon. Starting Sunday, I (and Reggie Bush) will be training 5 days a week for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I'm really excited and hope that this new training schedule will continue to help me achieve my weight loss goals. (I'm doing pretty well - I think)

Plan 1 - Run a 1/2 Marathon (5 days a week of training)
Plan 2 - Running Technique (3 days a week of training)

***Don't worry! I'm eating enough calories - and resting (no exercise) at least 1 sometimes 2 days a week***

Okay - before I end this post ... I must admit. I had to google who Reggie Bush was. ... I was a little embarrassed to learn that he plays for the Miami Dolphins. ... Oops!

Just in case I'm not the only one who doesn't know who Reggie Bush is, here is the link to his Wikipedia page.
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