Monday, May 14, 2012

"Your Wife's Hot"

Growing up in Florida, you have a clear understanding that air conditioning is no joke.
The moment the weather patterns shift and the heat begins to strengthen one begins to check and make sure their a/c is running efficiently.

When I was younger we used to drive by an old billboard that read "Your wife is hot - better call the a/c repair man". I would laugh and think it was clever (whatever). I never really thought too much about it. Until ... my a/c started to die.

For DAYS our a/c just would NOT keep the house cool. I began to panic because (thank you google) I knew how much replacing an A/C unit would be.

After about a week of living in a hot house, we finally were able to stop and think. We called a friend (former A/C repair man) who came and checked everything out.

1) The compressor - fine
2) coils -a little dirty - but not the problem
3) The fan - fine
4) The main capacitor - seems fine
5) The supplementary capacitor ... not so fine.

Repair Cost: $5.00

I am so thankful that the Lord truly does watch over me and take care of me in the minor details of life.

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