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The unexpected visitor

Well friends, we are here at Camp (finally). I'm very excited to say that everything seems to be going very smoothly so far.

We have been posting like crazy on our facebook page (@VONE2012) as well as our Twitter page (@vone2012). I know what you are thinking, I thought you took the phones / internet / media away? Yes. However, this summer we decided to try something new! We created business cards and encouraged the parents to follow the week. So far it's sparked a lot of interest! Prayerfully the ministry of Camp will extend not only to just the campers but their families as well.

This year we also began running two games simultaneously.

So yesterday, during the all camp relay there was an all camp game of guard the pin going on the field (in the rain). It was so awesome!

Tropical Storm Debbi continues to haunt us. However, she only bothered us on the first day. :)
She was unexpected, but whatever. We deal with the challenges.

Specific Prayer Concerns:SafetySpiritual Growth f…


Well, I am happy to blog that today we had a slight schedule change at work this week. Since we have a week long event, I was given the gift of coming in later today.!

I've had a wonderful morning and it's only 9:30 a.m. (I could get used to this ...)

It's incredible how changing my schedule for just one day can be so motivating for me!
I was so inspired by all the extra time in my morning I decided to mix it up! 

1) Sleep in! - Refuse to walk the dogs
Sorry Husband ...  2)  Eat a morning snack
I ate an apple with a glass of water prior to my walk.  3) Walk a different route
Normally, I would have walked the 1 mile loop around my neighborhood. However TODAY! I mixed it up and walked a little over 2 miles.  4) Did two loads of laundry before work!

5) Tried a new recipe!

Did you mix it up today?!

I got this idea from a co-worker. She's always giving me little tips for staying healthy! Honestly, she's so encouraging to me.

Be inspired.
Live healthy.
Live …

The journey.

When I start to get discouraged with my slow progress I dig up a picture of where I was...
Here is a picture of me at work in November 2011. The next is a photo of me in May 2012.
I have a long way to go, ...but look how far I've come!
(please excuse typos -Im posting from my phone)

Updated photo: 8/20/2012
Total weight loss to date, 41 pounds.

Running for the Childrens

As you know, I've been falling in love (okay ... love/hate relationship) with running.
Why do I run?
If you've ever been to the RunDisney website you may have seen the following question:

Why do I run?

To be honest, it is a question I've asked myself many times.
Here is the answer.

I run for my family.
I run for my husband.I run for my siblings.I run for my parents.I run to be healthier.  I run for my my friends.

From the above statements, I'm sure you can infer that basically ... I run to be selfish!...

Sorry - I'm just being honest.

However, not only do I run to be selfish.
I run to inspire.

My husband and I officially registered for the Miami Children's Hospital 5k. 

If you'd like to join us, please contact me!
I'll give you our team name!!

Happy Running!

Donate Today!!

Girls just wanna have fun!

I can hardly believe that summer is upon us once again! In order to celebrate summer, I had a girls weekend at my home. One of my Sunday School students came over on Saturday and we spent ALL day doing girly things!  Shopping (Publix / CVS)Baking (Paula Dean Butter Cake)Creating (Jewelry)Watching MoviesThe Great Mouse DetectiveThe Perfect ManCookingMeat LoafMashed Potatoes  Hair! (of course!) I had SUCH a fun time with my friend. It was great because my husband was in his office writing a paper (ALLLLLLL day!)  So, It was nice to have someone to spend time with. 
How was your weekend? - Did you celebrate summer?! 

I still love saving money!

Did you see this picture?

It kinda-sorta captures everything I purchased at CVS on Saturday.  I'm not really all that good at couponing - but sometimes I'm able to actually hit some good deals. Just for fun, I thought i'd break down my shopping trip for you.

Garnier Fructose - Hair Paste CVS Savings 1.35Coupon 1.00 offTotal Cost: 2.34Herbal Essence Shampoo & ConditionerCVS Savings 2 dollarsCoupon 2 dollars+ I got 1 dollar Extra bucks for purchasing Total Cost: 3.97 Gillette Body Wash (2)CVS sale 2 for 7 Coupon 2.00 offFinal Cost: 5.00 Gillette Deodorant (2)CVS Sale 2 for 7Coupon 2.00 offFinal Cost 5.00Old Spice Deodorant (2)CVS Sale 2 for 7Coupon BOGO Final Cost: 3:50 Old Spice Body Wash (2)CVS Sale 2 for 7Coupon 2.00 offFinal Cost: 5.00Gillette Raiser bladesCoupon - by the refills get the raiser freeSavings: 10.50Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and ConditionerCVS Sale 1.54 off (each)Coupon 1.00 offFinal Cost: 6.50All Mighty HE Laundry SoapCVS Sale saved 3.50All w/ Oxi Clean Lau…

There's always a lesson.

Do you know why I love Children's books so much?
There is always a lesson.
For the last several years I've had this dream. My dream to write an autobiography about my life as a camp kid. I've drafted it out  and played around with so many ideas. The one thing that I always go back to is a children's book. Why? - I already told you. I LOVE children's books. If I were to actually write a book about growing up at camp - i'd want to make sure there were plenty of lessons. 
Although it would be really fun for me to write a book, my life is actually being written daily. Each day we make choices, we interact with others, we live a story.  The only difference between a written story and your life story is in life ... there are no editors. You can't just rip a section of your life out. Trust me - sometimes, I wish I had an editor.  I'd LOVE to rip a few pages of my life out. For example: I recently went shopping for some new make up. After an hour of searching f…