Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The unexpected visitor

Well friends, we are here at Camp (finally). I'm very excited to say that everything seems to be going very smoothly so far.

We have been posting like crazy on our facebook page (@VONE2012) as well as our Twitter page (@vone2012). I know what you are thinking, I thought you took the phones / internet / media away? Yes. However, this summer we decided to try something new! We created business cards and encouraged the parents to follow the week. So far it's sparked a lot of interest! Prayerfully the ministry of Camp will extend not only to just the campers but their families as well.

This year we also began running two games simultaneously.

So yesterday, during the all camp relay there was an all camp game of guard the pin going on the field (in the rain). It was so awesome!

Tropical Storm Debbi continues to haunt us. However, she only bothered us on the first day. :)
She was unexpected, but whatever. We deal with the challenges.

All camp game of Guard the pin

While the all camp Relay was also going on

Specific Prayer Concerns:
  1. Safety
  2. Spiritual Growth for Campers and Staff
  3. Health - Campers / Staff
  4. That the Lord would give the Speaker and Staff opportunities to share Christ this week. 

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