Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Disney Girl Reviews Universal Studios!

If you know me, you know of my love for the Mouse (Mickey Mouse). It might be a surprise to you that we purchased passes to Universal Studios. Here is my random review of the two theme parks.

Parking -

I'm conflicted on how I feel about parking. On one hand, I love it! You park in one garage and have access to both parks, restaurants and shopping. On the other hand, the parking lot seems to be an awful long way to the front of the park. It feels like an eternity when walking with sore feet.

Ticket Value -

If you are a Florida Resident, don't bother with a 1 day 2 park pass. Stick with the 2 park annual pass (Flex Pay) You will pay a little extra - but only a little. Right now for Florida Residents you can get a 2 park annual pass (parking included) for a down payment of about 100 bucks and 11 dollars a month.
The 2 park annual pass is good for 15 months.  A one day 2 park pass is $106.00

Disney does run specials here and there - but I haven't really researched it.

Rides -

Disney is more of a family friendly ride park and Universal / Islands of Adventure has a lot of thrill rides. I like them both. Honestly, I have just as much fun on the big roller coasters as on the Peter Pan ride.

Butter Beer vs. Dole Whip -

I tried the Butter Beer. It was great for a couple of bites and then I just got really sick. It was soooo sweet. It might be because I have been cutting back on my sweets. Who knows, I just know that I got wickedly sick to my stomach and was unable to ride rides comfortable for a few hours. :(

I'll stick with Dole Whips.

Fireworks -

Nothing beats watching the fireworks over the castle at Disney. (Sorry Universal - I tried).

Even though it feels a little strange to go to Orlando for a theme park and it not be Mickey's house, I'm still really excited to be a pass holder!

Happy Summer!

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