Tuesday, July 24, 2012

...I think I wanna Marry you!

In the summer of 2000, I officially met the man that I was destined to marry. When you are 15 years old, it's kind of hard convince people that you've met the man you are going to marry. I heard it all... 
- You guys are just babies
- You'll never last
- Why would you say that? 
- We'll see ... 

In December of 2008, I finally married my prince charming. We were happily married, in love, sickeningly in love. 

We always joke because every time we go on Vacation people ask us if we are on our honeymoon. <3 I've had the best 12 years of my life. 

July 2012. 

Between the leaky toilet, the broken phone, the leaky sink, the closet door that falls on it's own and whatever else is has stressed me out, I started to (sadly) lose sight of what is really important.  I stopped being thankful. 

So let me stop. 

I'm thankful I have a toilet to leak, a closet for the door to be able to fall and a sink to leak. 
I'm thankful I have a husband to love me though my crazy stressful times, and fix everything I break. 

I've been really blessed. 


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