Saturday, July 28, 2012

Super Woman Shows her Humanity

Isn't my mom pretty?
This post is mostly for the benefit of my Mom. She reads my blog faithfully and genuinely cares about the random updates on my health, home and happiness. 

Do you ever forget that you are human, and that you have weaknesses? It's hard for me to admit, it. I always feel like I can push myself harder. Fight through the pain. Fight through the exhaustion. Whatever needs to be done, just do it. With the example of my parents, how can I be any different?  If our family were to advertise our set of values, or guidelines to live by, I'm certain "Helping Others or Serving Others" is probably one you'd hear.   I guess I'm being cliche and blaming my parents for how I am ...  sorry? 

Thursday afternoon, I must have eaten something that didn't quite like me. Like a crazy person, I still did my run, and I still did my 30 day shred workout. However, that quickly caught up with me by lunchtime on Friday when I found myself  very embarrassed and completely ill. 

Thankfully, whatever stomach bug hit me is gone! (No, i'm not expecting).

I'm so glad that I was feeling better by this morning because we had a HUGE day planned!

Don't judge us --- When we glued the baseboards on ... we never went back and finished the job. Two + years later, it's done! We spent the day caulking, cleaning, finding things to donate and doing laundry!

Oh, we also put face plates back on the walls in our bedroom.
Honestly, why is it that our bedroom is the last to be pulled together? It just feels so wrong to me! 
We had a very productive day at home, followed by an opportunity to serve! 

I'm looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. :)

How was your weekend?

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