Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacationers Log: Running

Warning: The following statement may seem a little cliche - but it's true.

My husband is my very best friend. Our love story is unique, our friendship is unique, and pretty much everything else about us is unique. :) 

I love our relationship so much because he and I talk ourselves into doing things that neither one of us would ever do on our own. For example, we had a really hard time finding a nature trail in the part of South Carolina we were in. So, we used google maps and searched for one. When we found it ... It was literally a trail across the street from peoples homes. Not a problem, right? Well, upon reading the signs we see several signs for hunters. One of the signs did say for hunters to be aware of walkers. So, that was enough for us. We felt safe enough, my husband had on a bright orange shirt. 

Here are the stats from our walk. It's not exactly much to be impressed with - mostly because we were just on a stroll through the woods. However, I did follow one of my running sessions. 

Part One: 
Free Walk
 Part Two:
Running for the Childrens
Scheduled Session

The end. 

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