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Think of a Happy Little Thought...

I'm getting ready to go to a second Oral Surgeon this morning. I'm soooo over this... I just want my wisdom teeth to be taken out so that I can get on with my life. With that said, I'm completely terrified of this procedure.

Trying to think positively!

Being a Grown Up.

When you become a grown up you begin to value your parents. In my most recent days I have realized just how s-p-o-i-l-e-d I really am. (Not only by my parents, but my husband!)

1) I didn't have to work through college, my mommy and daddy sacrificed so that I could study hard and make good grades (which I did!).
2) I am driven to work every day by my husband.
3) I can count on both hands how many times I've had to do the dishes since I got married.

Okay ... before people start writing me letters of jealousy and hatred let me get to the point!

Due to our effort to put my husband through graduate school without any student loans, we have had to re-budget and re-think our spending.

1) Stop eating out (Sadness)
2) Grocery Shop / Pack Lunches EVERY day
3) Make my own coffee (Sadness)
4) Coupon (more actively)
5) ...cancel our TV ...

We have talked about #5 for one solid year. ... For 1 solid year, my husband and I have talked about how satellite TV is a Luxury

Movie Review: RV

Rating: PG
Release Date: 2006

Fall in love with Bob Munro (Robin Williams) as he sets out on a journey to find his family again. Although living in the same home, they have been living separate lives for sometime. When faced with a scheduling conflict, Bob is forced to change his plans for the beaches of Hawaii and take his family on a journey to Colorado.

Imagine anything and everything that could go wrong on a family vacation. Once you've pictured it... realize that in this movie it does. Not only does everything go wrong, it's absolutely hysterical!

I first saw this movie in the theatures with a family friend. This friend has one of those infectious laughs that will get the whole room laughing. I'm not sure if I laughed so hard because of the movie, or because of my movie buddy and his laugh! Anyway, i've seen it several times since then and truly. It's hysterical!

My husband and I are watching it tonight as we hunker down during Isaac's winds an…

Tropical Storm Isaac

As of Monday morning, Tropical Storm Isaac has decided to strengthen and become a Hurricane with a track heading straigh for the Gulf Coast.  Fortunately, all we are experiencing is wind and rain. So far, we haven't lost power or really seen any damage. We have been very blessed.

My heart goes out to those on the Gulf Coast. As we celebrate a day off of work and school they brace for the impact of a Cat. 2 hurricane.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:6-7)

I had plans to map out a 13.1 mile loop near my home, so I could begin training for the Disney Princess 1/2. However, it has been RAINING non-stop all day sooo I'm not sure that i'll get to walk the half marathon today.  I want to WALK 13.1 miles at my very own pace so that…

Steamboat Willie (Virtual) 5K!

As the we here in South Florida prepare for Tropical Storm (Possible Hurricane) Isaac, my blogger/twitter friend (@LoveDisneyRun) hosted a virtual 5K. At first I didn't register for the event because I my parents were coming into town, we were prepping for a storm, and I just didn't know if I'd have time.

Due to the weather, my parents decided that it wasn't wise to come down and visit. I was sad for a little while. However, I quickly got over it! I'd rather not have them stuck in Miami. We will have to plan another visit outside of Hurricane Season.
Anyway, after watching the news for far too long, my husband and I had finally finished our storm preparations.  Church is cancelled for tomorrow and work is closed on Monday (just a perk from working at the University!) soooo we really needed to get out of the house before we were trapped IN the house!
Therefore, we participated in the Steamboat Willie (virtual) 5K!  We didn't really run (like at all) the roads a…

Momma would be so proud!

As part of my job, I order books, office supplies and other materials for the office. The other day, one of the books actually looked interesting to me. It's a little crazy - because, I'm really not a reader (kind of like I'm not a runner). Anyway, my husband bought be a Kindle Fire for Christmas last year, because "all I want is a Kindle" I'm going to be frankly honest - the Kindle Fire was probably not the best thing for me. Why? It has too many features. If I can choose between going on twitter, facebook, playing a game or reading a book ... chances are I'm NOT going to choose the book. I love that he got me the Kindle Fire, but in all honesty, it is too fancy for me. 
However, just like in January I didn't considered myself to be a runner, I also didn't consider myself to be one that enjoys reading. Last night I picked up my kindle and borrowed a book from the Prime Library! I used my kindle to read, and to read only. I guess one can train them…

Movie Review: The Pink Panther (2006)

In addition to Nacho Libre , my husband and I would watch another comedic classic in preparation for our upcoming wedding. The Pink Panther.  The Pink Panther was released in 2006. However, my love and I did not start watching it until 2008. We had gone through a phase where we would go to our local DVD rental store and purchase previously viewed DVD's.  As poor college students, trying to save every penny for our upcoming wedding, we found that we could purchase 4 or 6 DVD's for the price of going to a movie. So, we would sit in his parents living room and watch movies. Our two favorites were Nacho Libre and The Pink Panther.

Released: 2006
Rating: PG

My Review:

The Pink Panther follows Inspector Kluzo (Steve Martin) as he searches for the Pink Panther. Kluzo is depicted as an awkward inspector. At times clueless, Kluzo finds himself in many hysterical situations throughout the quest for the Pink Panther.

Although the rating on this movie is PG, it may not be suitable for con…

Weekend Review

Another exciting weekend has come and gone. First off, i'd like to say a special thank you to my sister in law. I would not have been able to finish the room without her help. She was SO helpful with helping me stay focused. Okay, I wasn't focused. I am a little scatter-brained sometimes, and Alexis just stayed with the roller (and following me around cleaning paint off the wood floors). 

We really got a lot accomplished. 

 As you can see, the room started as a bright yellow and blue room. I'm really excited about the change. I think it's a little more grown up, and "guest-roomy". 
In addition to paining the room, putting together a new bed, donating 3 HUGE boxes of my childhood I also had a GREAT weekend at Church. 1) We had the Summer Camp Reports, 2) We finished our study of Esther, 3) We had a Baptism and 4) I got to hang out with 3 little boys on Sunday night. I was helping put away the center pieces after the Baptism Celebration and I was asked by three ve…

7 Hours of Burpees!

You read correctly. ... 7-hours-of-burpees.
Okay, I'll confess. I didn't do burpees for 7 hours. I'd gotten behind on my burpees for the Burpee Boom Challenge ( So, I took the opportunity to create my own challenge.
Every hour I would stop and do 10 burpees.
To keep me on track, I would send a tweet. I'm not sure if I actually got anyone to join me but it was fun!

Don't know what a burpee is?
Here is my blogger/twitter friend Mindy demonstrating.
Anyway, it was a LOT of fun. My arms are sore, my abs are sore, my legs are sore ... obviously. I needed to do some burpees!  
How did you challenge yourself today? 

Pinterest Tested - No Bake Cookies

Tonight we played hookie from church. We had every intention of going to church, I promise. After dinner I fell asleep on the couch and had a really hard time waking up. So,... we stayed home.

I went on Pinterest and found a recipe that met my [very strict - okay, not really] criteria. :)

Source: Blog

My Criteria
1) I must have all the ingredients in my pantry.
2) It must not take too many steps / or dishes
3) I must be able to complete the dish in under 20 minutes.

I used more oatmeal then the recipe called for.


Go ahead! Try it!!

Movie Review: Nacho Libre

Today I devote this review to one of my most favorite movies (ever!).  Believe it or not, I was first introduced to this movie by a camp speaker. Not being a fan of Jack Black, I was shocked! However, since a camp speaker mentioned it during a devotional it couldn't be that bad could it? At the end of the 2007 summer season we decided it was time to give the movie a try! So, my family rented it and watched it together. I LOVED it! My mother, ... yeah... I'm not sure she appreciated it. Fast forward about a year. I was finishing up my last semester of my undergrad, my love was finishing up his last couple of classes, working full time, staying involved in our local assembly, and oh yeah. ... we were getting MARRIED  towards the end of December (You know, 5 days after graduation). Nacho Libre became our escape from the stress of it all. Every week we would watch Nacho Libre at least once.  It has been the influence of both of my husbands blog titles, and the most quoted movie of…

Humble Pie.

If you follow my on Twitter, you may have noticed that last night my world was shaken a bit. You'd think something catastrophic happened by the sight of my tweets. However, I'll admit. I was just being a brat. I get so spoiled with my little life, with my two dogs, supportive husband, great job, encouraging family. ... Yeah.
In case you missed it. Here's what really happened. At some point on Monday, a pipe broke. The president from the association, and a couple of other men spent the day trying to fix the pipe. By 9:00 p.m. it was identified that 4 homes would not have water for the night. I was livid. I actually had the nerve to ask the man what time he was going to wake up and start working again. Anyway. ... we lived. Thankfully, I had enough water to cook dinner, brush our teeth, and we have three bathrooms soo... we could take care of business. 
I spent all night and all day worried about the water situation. Honestly, I don't think I've slept well in …

Meatball Subs = My Husbands Love Language.

Today I may have discovered the secret to a happy marriage.  Last night my husband and I were grocery shopping. I sent him to grab some bread "real quick" for grilled cheese. My husband came back with sub rolls and white bread. [I think he's trying to tell me he didn't like this bread!]

Anyway! we purchased both types of bread, and I quickly began to re-think my menu for the week.

Thus the idea of Meatball Subs came up.

First, I must tell you that the idea of soaking bread in tomato sauce and cheese absolutely grosses me out. I mean, I get nauseated when I try to make french toast! (Seriously, I'm really grossed out by sogginess).

Anyway, tonight I faced my fear of soggy bread and made my very own version of meatball subs!

I'm pretty sure the best part of the whole dinner was watching my husband enjoy every single bite, and thanking me for making him a meatball sub. I honestly never knew just HOW much he loved a meatball sub!

I guess after 1…

Pinterest Tested, Erin Approved!

The other day I was feeling a little convicted... about how many crafts, recipes, and other items I've pinned on my Pinterest account [and never tried....]. So, I grabbed an old t-shirt (one that I got for free at a Basketball game) and tried to make a work out shirt!

Source: DIY Projects - Blog Time Spent: 10 minutes (start to finish) Money Spent: 0.00 (Free!) Supplies: T-shirt (one that is too big for you to wear) and Scissors!  Difficulty: Super Easy
Blog Review:  I will confess, I have only read the post listed above. However, if  all her ideas are so carefully, and  thoughtfully put together, then I'm going to be hooked! I found her step-by-step instructions to be perfect to follow, and fun to complete!  
How I did it? 

See, it was easy! 


It's hard to believe that another week has passed. This week was a long week, full of many new and exciting adventures, and work outs.

Let's start with the fun!


I'm love-love-loving my new NikePlus app. It's so cool. Honestly, I am so in love with trying to beat my last time. I am loving the new widget on my blog. I'm addicted to updating it. I feel like if I don't update it people might think i'm slacking! (I assure you not I'm not slacking!)My sister-in-law came over to spend the night and go on a jog. We mostly talked, (about RunDisney) and walked 4.17 miles. We were really impressed with ourselves. BurpeeBoom. I've been doing the BurpeeBoom challenge - I've seen a lot of improvement in my strength! 

I recently received this in an email and it totally made my day! It's an excerpt from a thank you note to a group of people.

Life If you follow my twitter (@MrsCJimenez) you probably have seen me complaining about my teeth. I did t…

Movie Review: Blue Like Jazz - Guest Post

As some of you may know, my husband blogs over on In honor of my husband, and the release the movie Blue like Jazz, I have decided to direct you over to his review of the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.
Blue Like Jazz
More Reading:  Book Review - Donald Miller

Wednesday Shout Out!
Happy 32nd Anniversary to my parents! 

Did I gain 20 pounds, or is the scale broken?

Graduate School

Today I finally had the courage to walk the long walk over to University Graduate School to officially withdraw from my graduate program. As I walked across campus I kept repeating to myself (in my head of course) "This is a good thing, This is what's best for us right now" ... As much as I disliked the program I was in, it is still hard for me to admit that i'm withdrawing for Graduate School.  Anyway, ... withdrawing isn't very easy. You have to walk all over campus and get a bunch of signatures from people before you can officially be withdrawn.

...I haven't done that part yet.

Read about my decision to withdraw here.

Since we are on the topic of graduate school ...  My husband's grades were posted. Straight A's so far in his program! I'm so proud of him! As a former grad student, I know that graduate school is no joke! He is half way done!

I Work Out

I've had a great start to my work outs this week! You may have noticed that…

Movie Review? No way!

I know my faithful Wednesday followers were so heart broken when I didn't post a movie review yesterday. ... right?

I apologize, due to the excitement of the Olympics, I have not watched ANYTHING except the Olympics.

Therefore, I leave you with a challenge I found online today.
It is called the Olympic Workout!
You can download a printable copy on their blog.
Try it! Let me know how you do! :)

Also, - Because Swimming is my favorite sport...
Watch the USA Olympic Swimmers