Monday, August 6, 2012

Did I gain 20 pounds, or is the scale broken?

Graduate School

Today I finally had the courage to walk the long walk over to University Graduate School to officially withdraw from my graduate program. As I walked across campus I kept repeating to myself (in my head of course) "This is a good thing, This is what's best for us right now" ... As much as I disliked the program I was in, it is still hard for me to admit that i'm withdrawing for Graduate School.  Anyway, ... withdrawing isn't very easy. You have to walk all over campus and get a bunch of signatures from people before you can officially be withdrawn.

...I haven't done that part yet.

Read about my decision to withdraw here.

Since we are on the topic of graduate school ...  My husband's grades were posted. Straight A's so far in his program! I'm so proud of him! As a former grad student, I know that graduate school is no joke! He is half way done!

I Work Out

I've had a great start to my work outs this week! You may have noticed that I didn't update you on my running stats this Thursday. To be honest, I don't know what to say. [don't laugh!]

Instead of updating my with my stats, I have been using a widget on my blog. That way it's INSTANT! Also, if you see on my facebook that I've just started a run,... Like the status! It sends a cheer into my ear! It's SO cool!!

In Other News
Our scale is broken. It has started adding 20+ pounds to our weight (or so we think. ...) I hope that it's broken. I'm pretty sure it is, because in the span of 2 days both mine and my husband's weight jumped 20+ pounds and I don't think that's very probable that we both would gain the exact same amount in 2 days.


Looking for a challenge? Try the Burpee Boom Challenge!

We started this last night, it was super hard! - You can follow it on Twitter #burpeeboom

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