Friday, August 24, 2012

Momma would be so proud!

As part of my job, I order books, office supplies and other materials for the office. The other day, one of the books actually looked interesting to me. It's a little crazy - because, I'm really not a reader (kind of like I'm not a runner). Anyway, my husband bought be a Kindle Fire for Christmas last year, because "all I want is a Kindle" I'm going to be frankly honest - the Kindle Fire was probably not the best thing for me. Why? It has too many features. If I can choose between going on twitter, facebook, playing a game or reading a book ... chances are I'm NOT going to choose the book. I love that he got me the Kindle Fire, but in all honesty, it is too fancy for me. 

However, just like in January I didn't considered myself to be a runner, I also didn't consider myself to be one that enjoys reading. Last night I picked up my kindle and borrowed a book from the Prime Library! I used my kindle to read, and to read only. I guess one can train themselves to love the things they rejected! 

I'm not reading the book that initially intrigued me (it wasn't available to borrow for free). I'm reading a book about RUNNING! 

I read the first 4 chapters without stopping last night. If you know me (like at all) you know that's a big deal. A co-worker allowed me to borrow her Harry Potter series in November. ... I'm still on Chapter 2. (Sorry K, I'm trying! okay, not really trying...) Let's just say, I have fallen in love with the story. 

I'll let you know my final thoughts when I finish. 

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