Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movie Review: The Pink Panther (2006)

In addition to Nacho Libre , my husband and I would watch another comedic classic in preparation for our upcoming wedding. The Pink Panther.  The Pink Panther was released in 2006. However, my love and I did not start watching it until 2008. We had gone through a phase where we would go to our local DVD rental store and purchase previously viewed DVD's.  As poor college students, trying to save every penny for our upcoming wedding, we found that we could purchase 4 or 6 DVD's for the price of going to a movie. So, we would sit in his parents living room and watch movies. Our two favorites were Nacho Libre and The Pink Panther.


Released: 2006
Rating: PG

My Review:

The Pink Panther follows Inspector Kluzo (Steve Martin) as he searches for the Pink Panther. Kluzo is depicted as an awkward inspector. At times clueless, Kluzo finds himself in many hysterical situations throughout the quest for the Pink Panther.

Although the rating on this movie is PG, it may not be suitable for conservative movie watchers. There are some scenes with innuendos.

Overall, this movie is a classic in our family. We love it!

Next time you are in the mood for a silly movie (and you can't find Nacho Libre) check out The Pink Panther. You won't be sorry.

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