Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Movie Review: RV


Rating: PG
Release Date: 2006

Fall in love with Bob Munro (Robin Williams) as he sets out on a journey to find his family again. Although living in the same home, they have been living separate lives for sometime. When faced with a scheduling conflict, Bob is forced to change his plans for the beaches of Hawaii and take his family on a journey to Colorado.

Imagine anything and everything that could go wrong on a family vacation. Once you've pictured it... realize that in this movie it does. Not only does everything go wrong, it's absolutely hysterical!

I first saw this movie in the theatures with a family friend. This friend has one of those infectious laughs that will get the whole room laughing. I'm not sure if I laughed so hard because of the movie, or because of my movie buddy and his laugh! Anyway, i've seen it several times since then and truly. It's hysterical!

My husband and I are watching it tonight as we hunker down during Isaac's winds and rain! (Sunday)

Next time you are looking for a movie to watch, check it out!

Disclaimer: This is another no-think movie.

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