Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pinterest Tested, Erin Approved!

The other day I was feeling a little convicted... about how many crafts, recipes, and other items I've pinned on my Pinterest account [and never tried....]. So, I grabbed an old t-shirt (one that I got for free at a Basketball game) and tried to make a work out shirt!

Time Spent: 10 minutes (start to finish)
Money Spent: 0.00 (Free!)
Supplies: T-shirt (one that is too big for you to wear) and Scissors! 
Difficulty: Super Easy

Blog Review: 
I will confess, I have only read the post listed above. However, if  all her ideas are so carefully, and  thoughtfully put together, then I'm going to be hooked! I found her step-by-step instructions to be perfect to follow, and fun to complete!  

How I did it? 

Cut off the sleeves

Cut a scoop in the front.

Cut a V-shape in the back!
(and tie knots around the back)

Try it on!

See, it was easy! 


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