Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steamboat Willie (Virtual) 5K!

Sunset from last night
As the we here in South Florida prepare for Tropical Storm (Possible Hurricane) Isaac, my blogger/twitter friend (@LoveDisneyRun) hosted a virtual 5K. At first I didn't register for the event because I my parents were coming into town, we were prepping for a storm, and I just didn't know if I'd have time.

Due to the weather, my parents decided that it wasn't wise to come down and visit. I was sad for a little while. However, I quickly got over it! I'd rather not have them stuck in Miami. We will have to plan another visit outside of Hurricane Season.
Anyway, after watching the news for far too long, my husband and I had finally finished our storm preparations.  Church is cancelled for tomorrow and work is closed on Monday (just a perk from working at the University!) soooo we really needed to get out of the house before we were trapped IN the house!
After (at CVS)
Therefore, we participated in the Steamboat Willie (virtual) 5K!  We didn't really run (like at all) the roads are wet, people are driving crazy and we kind of just wanted to make sure that we lived through the 5K!

A special thanks to @LoveDisneyRun for creating a RunDisney event for all of us to do at home!

Our Medal! 

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