Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday & The Labor Day Weekend 5-Miler

Yesterday, I completely fell off the eating healthy wagon. The day started well. I got up, drank a protein shake and prepared myself to go to my consultation at the (2nd) Oral Surgeon. After leaving the Doctors office, ... we stopped at McDonald's (I will not deny, I enjoyed my chicken nuggets). By the time I got to work it was almost time for a pre-event tasting. ... Seriously, we ate some delicious foods! So, after all that  food you'd think that I would take it easy for dinner right?
ahem ... not so much!

1 September 2012
My grandmother in law LOVES Pizza! Specifically, Pizza Hut Pizza! (Hello Grease.) She recently had knee surgery and has been recovering very well (seriously, she's incredible - I asked her if she should be walking, and she [in a very offended tone] replied with, Yes, I'm allowed to move). Anyways, my Mother in law told her that when she felt up to it, the whole family would come over and eat some Pizza Hut. Abuela's response "Okay, I feel better tomorrow night" ... So, on Friday night. I had Pizza and Cheesecake with my in-laws!

Saturday, I knew I HAD to make some healthier choices, and get a good work out in I needed to burn up some calories, and flush my body with water, water, water!!

I was so excited when I found another Virtual Race on Twitter! Thank you Laura (@Mommyrunfaster) for hosting the Labor Day 5 & 10. The longest I have ever run is 4 miles, so I didn't think 5 miles would be a problem. However, I think I went a little too late in the day. When I returned, I was so weak and dehydrated that I lacked the energy to even fix myself a glass of water. When I checked the weather I saw it was 92 degrees ... Yeah, that would explain my desire to pass out!

Hydration from the Hulk!
My husband quickly got me a glass of water, and stayed with my until my body cooled down. Not going to lie, it was a little scary.  My time was 1 hour and 25 minutes, that translated into 17 minute miles. I was getting so frustrated with myself because I just couldn't run! So I walked as fast as I could. Now that I know how hot it was - I understand why my body just wouldn't move.  I'm proud that I accomplished the 5 miles. Next time, I will plan a little better. Especially since I'm not used to running in the daytime.

Did you participate in a run this weekend? 

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