Thursday, September 27, 2012

Livin' la vida sporty!

I've been so busy being me, that I totally forgot to announce my big news!

You are looking at the *NEW* Girls Gone Sporty Fitness Ambassador!  

I feel so honored and blessed to networked with so many inspiring women.  I find myself laughing, crying, giggling and ... well INSPIRED when I read the blogs and stories of the other Ambassadors. It wasn't until recently that I actually thought of myself as someone worthy of being an ambassador for something such as FITNESS!  Let's be honest, if you are going to stand for something - you better practice what you preach (just saying).

"Courage is found in unlikely places" - Tolkien

One afternoon at work, I was talking to my favorite beauty queen about running, walking and hating my Jillian workouts. After the conversation that felt like two seconds - but was probably like 10 minutes  conversation, I felt inspired to share my story. I'd already been active on my blog (mostly for my own encouragement) and twitter so really being an ambassador was a   logical next step. ... right? 


Fear. of. Rejection. ... 

I applied on a Friday afternoon, I was pretty excited about Girls Gone Sporty and a couple of my twitter peeps were ambassadors. So, I took the plunge and applied. 

Timing is everything, and apparently. ... I applied RIGHT when Laura was reviewing applications. On Sunday morning, I woke up to a VERY happy email from Girls Gone Sporty. 

I was accepted. 

I've enjoyed reading everyone's stories, and learning about fitness and running. I've enjoyed connecting with people from ALL over.  This has been a wonderful adventure and I'm looking forward to where the journey leads.

About Girls Gone Sporty. 

My GGS Bio.


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