Monday, September 3, 2012

My Love Story

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After being prompted by Mindy, I'm going to officially blog some of my love story.

After much prayer, and consult from the leadership at our home assembly my mom and dad made the decision to leave secular employment and go into the full time ministry. My dad just finished his Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and my sister had just graduated from high school.  I'll never forget moving to camp. I remember being excited, and I remember being nervous about our future life. 

It was May of 2000. 

Even though I lived at a summer camp in Florida, I had already made plans to volunteer at a camp in North Carolina. A couple of us Floridians all rode together with "Mr. Nelson & Vivian" to camp. Picture 3 girls (loud, hyper & excited), 1 extremely quiet boy with a big eyes, a yellow visor and his beloved Third Day CD collection crammed into a car for 12+ hours. 

When we finally made it to North Carolina you can imagine how excited we were. 

During the Summer of 2000, Chris and I became inseparable. He was my favorite person to talk to (and about) we were the best of friends. We spent the next 6 summers serving the Lord at camp every summer and emailing and calling each other non-stop during the year! When we first started our relationship I didn't even have a cell phone (neither did he) we would ask our parents for phone cards (when you go to camp, you need a phone card to call long distance home). However, we never used them to call home. We would save them to call each other (such rebels I know). 

In  December of 2006, I had finished my Associates Degree at my local community college and had been accepted to Florida International University in Miami. So, on the 6th of January 2007, I moved to Miami to pursue my degree in Early Childhood Education. 

Finally, after 6 years of a long distance relationship, we lived in the same city. Over the next two years, I finished my degree and of course fall in love with Chris. 

March 2008 at The Brown Derby in Disney's Hollywood Studios he FINALLY asked me to marry him. Within a matter of seconds, the date was confirmed. We were to be married 5 days after our graduation. 

At 12:20 p.m. on December 20th I walked down the isle with my daddy (sobbing). 
At 12:42 p.m. I skipped back up the isle (giggling) with my husband. 

I'm pretty sure I offended some people by dancing back down the isle, but honestly... I really didn't care. 

I now live in Miami, Florida with my husband and two rat terriers (Romeo and Juliet). 

What's your love story? 

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