Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Tested: Overcoming the Plateau!

Last night my husband and I set up our brand new scale. We were very excited about the scale because it measures your body fat and hydration level. After dinner (Okay, that was the worst idea ever), we weighed ourselves. I knew roughly my percentage of body fat. However, my love was not aware.

Shocked at his results, he established morning walks and full breakfasts. In addition, he also established a bed time. (Okay, I kind of died laughing a little because i'm pretty sure I've never actually had an "established bedtime").
I was very impressed with us - we did not hit the snooze.

In order to help us beat the plateau, I've been reading up again. Water, water, water,... Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest. Don't eat garbage! ... Yeah, that's about all I've read (information I've read before).

I did find this on Pinterest though. It was a colorful display of some great information.

How about you, how do you beat a plateau?

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