Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 Miami Children's Hospital 5K - Race Recap

Unofficial time 47.00 minutes 
This morning my husband, sister and I ran (mostly walked) the Miami Children's Hospital 5K.  This was my first non-disney run, so I was pretty excited and anxious to see how "normal" runs are. We left the house about 5 minutes after I originally planned to leave - which proved to be a HUGE mistake. If you have ever lived in my neck of the woods, you know the difference just 5 minutes can make. We arrived at the race around 7:00 a.m. and then spent the next 22 minutes STUCK in the parking garage. 

There were no parking attendants and no one to say "Garage Full', so people kept loading into the garage and we just were stuck. 

As soon as we could find parking, we rushed over to the start line and started the race (after a potty stop).

As we started the race, I was then promptly honked at by a car (which happened to be the pace car) because ... the top 3 finishers were finishing. [whatever - no big deal] 

Since we started soooo late (like 7:45) we were behind ALL of the strollers and children so it was a little challenging to run. So, we walked and jogged a little to get around big crowds of strollers. 
After the race we got to walk around and get free stuff from the sponsors. Sister was very excited about the cotton candy - I was a little more excited about the "cool off zone" 

After the race we decided to go grab a yummy snack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee.

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