Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly chase -mobile post

I apologize in advance. I'm typing this on my lunch break using my iPhone. There may be some serious typos on this post!! :)

Happy News!
I posted about hitting a plateau the other day... (Boo) I'm happy to report that since that post I have lost 3 pounds!!

What did I do differently?
1) Rest more
2) drink more water
3) start 5 am workouts
4) fitness yoga (twice)
5) vacation (a.k.a. I upped my caloric intake)

I'm starting to think I wasn't eating enough because two of those pound were lost during my theme park vacation!

What am I chasing this week?

1) log calories on myfitnesspal (follow me "fofosbride")
2) yoga 3 times
3) walk 5 mornings
4) participate in the Miami Children's 5k
5) don't drink my calories!!

There you have it! My goals for the week!! :)

What are you chasing?
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