Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working Late? Work OUT!

If you follow my twitter feed you probably saw that I'm stuck at work late tonight while Mr. Handsome works late tonight...

Not wanting to sit and wait and wait and wait while he worked I packed my running gear and an extra snack for the evening.

5:00 p.m. Finally came and I changed into my workout gear!

*tut tut it looks like rain*

I didn't feel like getting stuck in the rain... So I opted for a work out in the parking garage!

Below I posted my work out for all of you to enjoy! It was grueling!!!

Walk .35 mile - brisk
Jog to level 6 of garage
Walk around top floor
Down to level 1
Jog to level 4 of garage
Walk around L4
Jog down to L1
Jog up to L3
Walk around L3
Jog down to L1
Jog up to L2
Walk around L2
Jog UP to L5
Walk to closest corner
Jog down to L1
Walk .35 back to truck

Anyway! Don't make excuses! Get active! :)
P.s. that work out burned over 550 calories!

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