Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ever seen a cabbage patch doll?

I looked in the mirror today and thought, I look like a cabbage patch kid". ... I had my wisdom teeth out on Thursday morning, and I must admit - I have been treated like a princess since before the surgery.

Mermaid and her sister gave me a beautiful pink package filled with all things princess and pink.
It has crayons, coloring book, Princess Mask, Pink nail polish, jello and pudding! All things fit for a princess recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed.

In addition to my princess recovery package, my mommy came to help Mr. Handsome take care of me. I'm very thankful she is here.

Apparently, my teeth were very impacted - and very tricky to get too. The procedure that should have taken 45 minutes took about an hour and 45 minutes. I woke up when they were still cleaning me up and started to cry. I have never been in so much pain. With my head back, and the tears flowing the nurse grabbed some tissues and held my hand while wiping the tears. I then heard the doctor say he was going to numb me up for the ride home.

Also while I was laying in the chair (crying) - I hear the doctor tell me that he was able to get the teeth out. BUT - the upper teeth were so far into my sinuses that he had to cut through some of the fat in my cheeks. um... OUCH!

The nurse escorted me downstairs to the truck, and sent me on my way with my husband, my mommy and 2 more prescriptions. In addition to the medications for pain and swelling, the doctor has me on Muccinex and Afrin. - He doesn't want me to sneeze.

Well, doctor. ... I didn't sneeze.

I was too busy fighting off nose bleeds and nausea.

Day two proved to be better - I have been able to back down on pain medications and hold down food.

Here is a special shout out to my mom and husband for providing me with 24 hour care. They have sat with me, they have watched countless hours of netflix and given me plenty to eat and drink.

A special shout out to all of my Abuelas. Your home made soups are so Delicious!

A special shout out to my mother in law for the soups - the squash soup was excellent.

I'm so thankful for the love and support - I am truly blessed.

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